Monday, October 20, 2008

The ability to laugh at one's self ...

... is a truly wondrous thing.

'W' has it. That's a really healthy part of his makeup. It has helped him to survive all the many jabs and pokes (some intentionally nasty, unfortunately) he has received these past nearly eight years.

I have it. Do you?

There is a site out there where you can check your blog's reading level. Did you know that?

It's kind of fun. Not only can you check your own blog's level, you can check (I don't how many, actually) any number of others!

I am kind of sad to report that my blog's level is now at "Junior High."

Well, shoot and darnation!

It used to say "Elementary."

I thought, "Oh, good. That means it's easy to read."

I want it to be easy to read! I take a lot of pride in carefully writing and re/editing each post so that you all know exactly where I'm coming from.

One of my regular readers and a personal "Favorite" of mine, Whalechaser, has posted on her site that her blog's reading level is "Genius."

I thought, "Whaat!!" (Not that she's not a genius, understand, but she doesn't use any bigger words than I do! At least I don't find myself having to go to the dictionary while reading her posts to understand what the devil she's talking about.)

ANYhoo, yesterday -- while out at DD's -- she (DD) and I spent at least an hour (maybe more!) on her trying to teach me and me trying to learn how to post pix and such on my blogsite.

I didn't take many notes.

She showed me how to post something from YouTube on my site, and I have a practice draft for that one. She showed me how to save an attachment from an e-mail into a folder (somewhere ... you see why I really needed to take notes?). She showed me how to down/up?load a pic from someone else's site to my own. I have a practice draft for that. She cautioned me about making sure that I gave proper credit to my source. She showed me how to place the pic left/center/right and how the text would appear. (And yes, you have it correctly. I took no notes for that, either!) However, I have a practice draft. :)

Well, last night I had another of these weird dreams. ("Fun" weird.)

I dreamed that I was looking at my post, trying to figure out why it was deemed "Elementary" instead of anything higher.

In my dream, I was asked to cross out (remove) any word that appeared more than once.

Well, the word "I" was used just a ton of times, and I deleted all of those. "The" "my" "it" "thought" "was" "had" "she" "at" "well" were summarily disposed of, as well.

I was left with (in my dream) perhaps four or five words that were unique (one of a kind to that post) and were less than three syllables!!

I woke up laughing ... laughing, I tell you!

Oh Lord, I couldn't wait to get in here and tell all of you about it.

But then I rechecked my blog's current reading level, and it's been 'upgraded'. How the devil did THAT happen?

Do you want to have some fun? Check this site out. Then, after you've had your giggle, check out everyone else's!


steven said...

hey goldenrod, my blog checked out as "junior high" as well . . . i'm a little miffed because those weren't my very favourite years although there were a couple of really nice girlfriends and a couple of funny teachers. otherwise i'd rather see the golden fish as a 2nd or 3rd year university level. i guess i have to use larger words, stop being so darn sociable and really ramp up my cerebral side.

Goldenrod said...

I agree, Steven. Those junior high years really sucked! (There just isn't a more descriptive word.)

I was going to proudly post "Elementary" on my sidebar ... who the devil wants to display "Junior High"?!?

Glad you had some fun with it.

BTW (imo), if you ramp up your cerebral side any more, your head will not be able to contain your brain! :)

Tammy said...

WELL...........mine used to be elementary and then jumped to junior high. AND THEN I did a couple of posts about Katie's science experiments. VOILA! lol, all those big science words made my blog sound awesome to the little blog readability site because I became "college, post grad." Too funny. Bet if I deleted those experiment posts I'd go right back to elementary or junior high levels. :)

Goldenrod said...

Tis truly a lot of fun.

You know what? I'm really tempted to do a post using only seven- or eight-syllable words. See what happens then.

What do you think about THAT idea?

Sometime after that (and on down the line, of course) I'll do one using words of only one or two syllables (which I think most of my posts are!) ... anyhoo, this is definitely a fun site to check in on every once in a while.

Keep that sense of humor handy!