Thursday, October 9, 2008

Down memory lane ... #1 ...

Wow, what a trip!

Found my "goodies" -- birth certificate (for the passport) and notarized transcripts from three different colleges (for job applications) -- all in one fell swoop. Also found various resumes that I had composed over the years.

What really stopped me dead in my tracks, however, were all of these personal notes from students, parents, and other teachers that I've kept all this time. It's been fun to read all of the different names and realize that I actually remember a lot of them!

Today, I'd like to share with you a 'book', of sorts, that I made when teaching 1st grade ... always my favorite!

"A playground accident led to a discussion by our class of things that have happened to them," I wrote in the preface. "The following are their stories, as dictated to and transcribed by Miss Green and Miss Brown from Hilliard High School.* First is the story about Tina Boorman."

Things that Happened To Us

Yesterday Tina fell and cut her chin on the boot scrape. The emergency squad came and took her to Riverside Hospital. She got 8 stitches.

Me and Bobby was riding a bike and we wrecked into a sewer. And when we wrecked my handle bars fell off. So I went home and my dad fixed my handle bars.
~ Steve Lombardi

I fell over a rock but I was not hurt. I just got up and kept walking to where I was going. ~ Jeff Brown

I was walking home and fell over a rock. I went in the house and my mom put a wet rag on my leg. When I fell my mother took me to the hospital and I got stitches. ~ Ruth Marker

I was going to get my daddy a beer and fell and everything fell out of the refrigerator. And I cut my toe and had to go to the hospital and get six stitches. ~ Renee Carter

I fell off my bike. And I skinned my knee. And I showed my mom what happened and she put a bandaid on it. ~ Robin Oiler

One day I fell off my bike and got hurt and I went to the house and told my mother and she took me at the doctor's and I got two shots. ~ Sharrie Park

One day me and my brother rode on a trike and I fell and hurt myself and cut my lip open. And I had to go to the hospital and get a shot. ~ Laurie Bickerdt

I was sitting down at my friend's with my feet down and some boy ran over my big toe. So I started crying and I went home and my daddy put some medicine on it. And then he put a bandaid on it. ~ Missy Maynard

My friend threw a board and hit me in the head. I had nine stitches. I got to sit in front of the emergency squad. ~ Jamie Clapper

One day I wrecked on my bike. I fell down and cut my chin. I ran into the house and put a bandaid on it. I went to put my bike away. ~ Brian Hay

I was walking down the steps and I fell. My mom called the emergency squad. I went to the hospital. And I got 8 stitches. ~ Bobbie Gillespie

When I was living someplace else I was sleeping on my brother's top bunk and I rolled over and fell off. I hit the baby bed and had to go get stitches in my chin. ~ John McPherson

Donnie, my brother, was riding me on his bicycle and I fell off. I cut my knee. It hurt a lot. But I didn't cry. ~ Randy Rausch

I had a wreck on my bike. And my hand got all bloody. I went home and my mom put a bandaid on it. ~ Terry Blevins

I was standing by the deep fryer and my mom was cooking onion rings. The pan fell over and burned my leg. I was in the hospital for three weeks. ~ Michele Carroll

Every time I'm clumsy I fall down. When I get silly I fall down. When I fall down on the sidewalk my pants rip all the way. When my sister let me ride her bicycle I fell down. ~ Susan Nininger

I was riding my bike on the big hills and I wrecked and I got hurt real bad. I was riding and I popped a wheely and my baby brother jumped off and my sister fell in a mud puddle. And my dad almost ran over us. ~ Terry Lively

I was living at my old house and my brother and me were swinging. I was petting a dog. The dog bit me on my head. It was bleeding. I had to get stitches. ~ Tammy Ward

I was roller skating and I fell. I sprained my ankle. My sister said, "What happened, Carol?" And I said, "I sprained my ankle." The back of my leg was skinned. ~ Carol Huber

If you were a first grade student at Beacon Elementary in Hilliard, Ohio, between the years of 1966 and 1973, I was your teacher. Anyone out there recognize their name?

More to come -- much more, but another time.

*These two young ladies must have been interested in teaching careers. I hadn't remembered that program.


Tammy said...

Oh my.

Bandaids and stitches, cure-alls for nearly everything. :)

Goldenrod said...

Some copy-catting going on there, for sure. :)

Lots of falls from bikes, tripping over rocks, bandaids, stitches, and shots.

I liked the ones where the boy just got right back up and continued walking home, another boy had his dad fix his handle bars, and another boy put his bike away.

I just laughed and laughed when I read these. What neat memories!

We actually were the first ones in that school. A beautiful facility. My classroom had a bathroom in it, if you can believe that. Quite handy for that age.

as life is said...

Do you have more I was in the class with all of these people most are on my Facebook

Tammy said...

as life is - our dear friend goldenrod has passed away. i think she would have been so happy that you enjoyed her post. :)