Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Timing is everything

If you are in the real estate business, the key word is location, location, location.

Just about any other business -- and I've been in a bunch of them, including teaching! -- the key word is timing. Timing is EVERYthing!!

Earlier today I attended an updated WellCare (my healthcare provider) presentation on changes for 2009.

I went into the meeting 'not a happy camper' ... took me almost an hour to get there, for one thing, what with the rain, etc., plus I was ready to 'pick a fight' with slights that I had perceived existed within their system, including not providing me with a list that I had requested months ago in re doctor's names in various specialties.

And so I arrived late. There was this really good-looking black dude conducting the presentation who seemed to know what the devil he was talking about.

I apologized for being late.

I opened the pretty good-sized packet I had received in the mail from WellCare just within the past week, and was cruising through it while at the same time trying to listen to his presentation.

I told myself, "Self, don't interrupt. Just listen!"

And so I did. Learned a few things. (There's nothing quite like knowing a little bit about something to attend an 'update' lecture, is there?)

It seems as tho, altho the dermatologist I have been seeing for some years now does not currently have a contract with WellCare, one of the associates she referred me to a few years back does! And so, it's "Goodbye, Jennie Duffy, hello Bruce Nelson."

Also, I learned that I do not have to go through my primary physician to see a specialist who has a contract with WellCare. Isn't that interesting??

That means that my upcoming cataract surgery (next year, probably) will be covered.

This is a good day, I feel certain!

Not only all of that, but do you know what they (WellCare) were giving away today? Umbrellas, can you believe it? I could have used one going to and from the house to the garage earlier.


Tammy said...

How very interesting that you "do not have to go through my primary physician to see a specialist who has a contract with WellCare." I wish all providers worked that way.

And Goldenrod, I have to admit I chuckled about the title of your post and yet you were late to your meeting. lol ;)

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Tammy!

I wasn't talking about heart surgeons here, or cancer specialists.

Actually, my specific question to the presenter was in re my pending (some time next year) cataract surgery.

Have yet to call the dermatologist's office to see if I can get an app't with Bruce Nelson. Will keep you updated on what his office says.

Ah, yes, the title of my post ... incongruous, was it not?

What I originally had in mind was a spot on my nose that I felt had to be looked at. I guess I didn't post anything about it on my blog, so you were not aware that there was a potential problem.

What I meant about "Timing is everything" was that I had received a humongous packet from WellCare that listed all physicians under contract (that I had requested months ago!) less than a week prior to the meeting that I attended yesterday.

My fault for not keeping you up to date.

Tammy said...

Oh, I know what you meant. lol I am just interested in the fact that you don't have to go through your primary physician for even the small stuff first. I needed to get the approval for mine to even have my toe done recently. Sheesh....frustrating to have 2 bills!

And I totally got the "timing is everything" meaning needing to go to the dr. and getting the packet in the mail. It just cracked me up reading you were late to the meeting and having "timing is everything" still fresh in my mind. The way I think is a tish warped. lol :)

Goldenrod said...

May your mind stay 'warped' forever and ever, Tammy! We think alike on bunches of things!! (I don't want to be all alone in my 'warpedness'!) :)

In re your toe problem. I just KNEW that there was something I had forgotten to add!

When I first went to my primary doctor (some months back now), one of my requests was for him to refer me to a foot doctor.

He asked me what the problem was. I showed him a callus that I had had on the bottom of my left foot(big toe) for a pretty good-sized number of years.

He told me that I really didn't need to see a specialist for this, and advised me of several things I could do to try and get rid of the thing.

Long story short -- and, if my efforts to get rid of it didn't work, HE could -- the callus has shrunk to be almost not there.