Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here & there, up & down, roundabout

A couple of things I should update all y'all on ... ...

Biopsy results ...

I received an e-mail late last night from Dr. Bauer's office that (supposedly) contained the results of the biopsy on my left cheek.

I say 'supposedly' because I was unable -- yet one more time -- to hack through 'security' clearances to read the results.

Those of you who have read any of my posts in the past know how much time has been wasted in trying to clear this matter up. As I told my daughter in an e-mail earlier this morning, I have no intention whatsoever of calling Dr. Bauer's office to try and ascertain the results. I repeat, none whatsoever!!

Doctors' offices do not send you bad news via e-mail. They call you, right? And so, I'm 'assuming' that the biopsy read 'benign'.

Passport application ...

I was told that all I needed to present was my original birth certificate, driver's license, passport photos, and proof of current place of residence. Oh, yes! And a check in the amount of $100.

SO, I went to the nearest passport office (actually, I went to a Post Office) with all in hand.

We hit a few 'snags' on the application. I'd been married 'how many' times?!? (3) My maiden name was? (OK) My mother's maiden name was? (OK) My father's date of birth? (OK) My mother's date of birth? (OK) My father's place of birth? (I didn't know) My mother's place of birth? (I didn't know) My last ex-husband's date of birth? (I didn't remember) Place of birth? (You have got to be kidding me!) The street address of my daughter? (I didn't have that with me.) My travel plans? (Whaat!?!) Date of marriage to my most recent spouse? (Give me a break here!) Divorce date? (Same comment.) Did I have the divorce decree with me? (Are you kidding??? This was over twenty years ago!!!)

Fellow who was taking my application assured me that all this really didn't matter -- that if there were any problems, they would mail my application back to me with notations of any questions that still needed to be answered. Ye Gods!

Then he asked me for $75. I thought, "Whaat! Thought it was $100!?!" I wrote the check out (I'd only brought the one). All was fine and good. Then he asked me for another $25 -- post office's fee charges, or some such.

Well, I told him that I'd have to go back home and get another check. He said he'd hold the application, no problem.

Did all that. Got a receipt.

When I arrived back home 2-3 hours later, there was a voice mail from the fellow at the Post Office saying that I'd left a copy of my birth certificate there, and could I come back and get it? They'd hold it for me. Ye Gods and little fish hooks!!

Well, yeah, I could, but meanwhile the Post Office was closed. Couldn't do it until the next day ... maybe that'll teach me to leave the house without my phone, huh?!?


Craig Peihopa said...

I have heard it said that the devil is in the detail, clearly it isn't the angels that are. I hate all this info that is required. They have so much info on you / us already. I object to giving them it all over and over again. Oh well part o life I guess.

Tammy said...

This sort of reminds me of when Emily got her driver's license. Not only did they need all of her information, but they needed my place and date of birth, my divorce decree, and "newest" marriage certificate among other things. It was quite a pain in the neck, but we "got 'er done." :)

I agree with you....surely bad news wouldn't be sent via email. Glad it's nothing that warrants another office visit or phone call.