Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scattered thoughts

I didn't post yesterday. "Why didn't I?" you ask. Well, it was because I was trying to fine tune my applications for various teaching jobs on-line.

Normally, you only get one shot at these. If your first shot goes somewhat astray, that's it, folks! End of story.

One in particular caught my attention, that of an English teacher to be a part of a 4-week winter program in Korea, beginning in January 2009.

They advertise all the time for year long instructors. I cannot do that. I obtained a reverse mortgage on my home late last year, and must be in residence for six months out of every year.

And so, the 4-week dealiebop kind of got me excited, and I've spent a lot of time on that.

I sent in my interest (via e-mail) last Friday, but as of this moment (10:15am Tuesday, October 7th) have not heard back, altho Wiki says that 'you will be contacted ASAP'.

I am fully qualified for this position ... in fact, probably more than qualified!

In an attempt to hasten my application along yesterday, I contacted the Korean embassy here in Houston. Reached a very nice young lady who told me that they only handle visas and passports for Korean nationals. Did I have an authorization number? Ye Gods!

Long story short, I have done pretty much all I can do in re this application. Just in case they do call me, however, within the next week or so, I need to get my 'you know what' down to the passport office.

Meanwhile, I have two others that need to be attended to ... 1) Adjunct teacher -- working primarily from home -- interaction via the internet and telephone. 2) Bradford School of Business -- English composition -- on site instruction.

ANYhoo, that's pretty much how my day went yesterday. Scattered.

Meanwhile, I've been paying 'some' attention to the news. A couple or three things worth mentioning ... ...

Special car keys ... to be issued (not available just yet) to parents who are worried that their teenaged drivers will speed excessively or play the radio too loudly.

WalMart ... the first major retailer to bring out Christmas merchandise.

Dayton, Ohio ... the site of the second Presidential debate this evening, and no, I will not be watching or listening ... I'll be playing bridge with Julian, and I can almost guarantee you that we will be having a lot more fun! However, did you know that Dayton, in spite of GM recently announcing its plant closing there, is where some of our modern day inventions occurred? I didn't -- well, except for Wilbur and Orville Wright's, of course! Among those inventions were freon, pop tops, the cash register, and ignition switches. Interesting!

1st Monday in October ... yesterday ... Supreme Court reconvened.

Ike's affects on school year terms ... I have written on this subject previously. Let me just tell you what I know 'for sure' ... ... Katy ISD (where darling granddaughter attends) has received a 'dispensation' from the State (an 'act of God', as it were) ... however, my daughter has noticed a significant 'tightening up' and even an increase in the amount of homework that she (darling granddaughter) is bringing home ... ... LaPorte ISD (much more adversely affected by Ike) announced yesterday that they would not be extending the school year, but rather would be extending the number of hours students would be attending each day to try and make up the lost time. This announcement has been met by some loud objections from parents, who have now had to adjust their work schedules.

National Night Out ... tonight ... 25th anniversary of such an event. It's a wonderful concept. Neighbor should know neighbor. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have never participated!

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Tammy said...

4 weeks in Korea....that would be quite interesting. Keep us posted on that.