Monday, October 20, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

I'm not sure I can recommend this film highly enough.

Yes, there was a lot of information in the film about bees ... purple honey (?) ... but mainly the film was about Civil Rights, particularly as events were occurring in 1964, the date/era in which the movie (and yes, it was book-based, Whale) was set.

Much more to the point, however, in my opinion the movie's true focus was on family ... love, people caring about/loving one another, what's really important, priorities ... ... ...

Queen Latifah gives a truly great (imo) performance, and Dakota (somebody or another -- my DGD can tell you her name, they're the same age!) a very close second.


heliniorimsa said...

It was shocking drama for me. Even it is a story that we can cry from the start. The directer has added the strength and the power of holding hands together and also the power of women. Secret life of bees is the most voting movie for me and saw the movie at

Goldenrod said...

The only shocking part (for me) was when the father struck the little girl, mistakenly thinking she was his wife. I was afraid for her at that moment.

Certainly agree with what you said about strong women. I wouldn't want to see the movie again -- I generally try and stay away from heavy drama, but I highly recommend it. Excellent film!