Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here, there, and everywhere

This is my 300th post.

I thought it appropriate that it be a 'bits & pieces' or 'scattered thoughts' type of thing, as that is what "Goldenrod's thoughts" is all about ... there is no particular focus. I'm all over the place! So, with that in mind, here we go.


Hardly a morning or evening national newscast can go by without some mention of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

Founded originally as a voice for low and moderate income families, I believe, it is getting some fairly widespread negative publicity due to questionable practices by some of its employees and volunteers associated with the organization in re voter registration.

Two examples, in particular, caught my eye these past couple of days: 1) Mickey Mouse and 2) the Dallas Cowboys offense all being signed up as registered voters.

Another example was a young man (don't remember the state) who filled out 73 (!) voter registration applications in exchange for $$ and cigarettes.

I don't think it makes any difference who wins this upcoming election. There are going to be charges of voter fraud and disenfranchisement. I wish that everything were always on the up and up, but it's not.

Nuclear plant expansion proposed ...

This one is located perhaps 100 miles to the south and just a touch west of Houston. There are two reactors currently, and the proposal is that they have four.

BTW, this particular facility is the reason I came to Houston in the first place! My husband, a specialist in soil mechanics, spent months in Bay City scoping out the site.

[He was even called upon, at one point, because he was pretty good with people, to approach the very last holdout landowner in the immediate area. She didn't want to sell. The property had been in her family for generations, and she was the last one left. "Couldn't they just let her stay until she died?"

Well, no, they couldn't. Either she could accept the state's offer or let them take it -- at a much reduced price. My husband said that was one of the worst assignments he ever had.]

This nuclear facility supplies electricity for almost 2,000,000 people in the South Texas area.

However, there is a problem and it's a big one!

Currently, they are 'storing' the nuclear waste. If the plant's capacity is doubled, they will run out of room to store it.

Question: Where does one dispose of nuclear waste?

Put out to stud ...

One of the premier race horses this year sustained a leg injury such that he will no longer be able to participate in racing. The news reporter sounded very sympathetic when he said that the horse would now 'have' to be put out to stud.

My reaction is, "Poor baby!"

Sports ...

Yawn! My Astros have long been gone from any thoughts of a post season. The Cubs and Brewers, both from the Central Division, which in my opinion was the strongest in baseball, were summarily removed by the Dodgers and Phillies. Who cares? I don't! And what the devil ever happened to the Angels, for crying out loud?

Just this past week, however, there was a 'warm fuzzy' feature on the "Whalers", a high school football team from Barrow, Alaska. (And boy, do they ever need warm fuzzies there!) Did you happen to catch it? If not, perhaps you can look it up on Yahoo. A neat neat story.

The Houston Texans finally won a game. Those who are in the habit of 'arriving late and leaving early' -- Why do people do that? Don't they want to get their money's worth? -- missed the winning touchdown.

That's it, folks! My ramblings for today. Catcha later.


steven said...

re: "put out to stud" . . . you know what goldenrod, when my whipcord-like legs finally give out the "consequence that "poor horse" received will not be on the list for this fella!!!! but then again, i've never really enjoyed eating hay or carrying little men around on my back who wack me to make me run faster either!!!! so perhaps i should be grateful for my present lot in life!!!

Goldenrod said...

One should always be grateful for one's present lot in life. What it means, of course, is that one is still alive to feel ANYthing!

All beatifications aside, Steven, -- and I realize that this will be an 'inside joke' for the rest of you, sorry about that -- have you considered the possibility that your seeming obsession with whipcord-like leg muscles (combined with your rejection of hay) might be in direct relation to your confusion between religious icons and sexuality?

steven said...

funny you should pull that all together so well goldenrod! i have been thinking just such a possibility!!!
congrats on writing your three hundredth post! it astonishes me that we can find so much of value to share. keep on writing goldenrod.