Friday, January 9, 2009

I dream in color!

I woke up this morning and just lay there, enjoying the comfy coziness of being buried in blankets and feeling all snuggly warm, chuckling as I remembered only vague snippets of the dream I'd just had ... something about insurance, I think. Really boring, I'm pretty sure.

But then, glimpses of a very bright kelly green in some of the decor came back to me and I suddenly realized, "I dream in color!"

Many years ago, my sister had asked me if I dream in color or black and white. I said I didn't remember*. Well, Peggy, that question has finally been answered. Ha!

[*I just looked it up. I thought I had talked about this once before, but wasn't positive. Here it is.]

I got to thinking, why a kelly green? Why not some other color?

Then I remembered reading about and looking at pix of flamingos all dressed in their Sunday best just within the last couple of days, and it occurred to me that my subconscious was worried about Sam's feelings.

You know he's still perched on a little table very close to me, and still dressed in his Santa outfit. He doesn't have another change of clothes until St. Patrick's Day. I simply must put him in the closet where he'll be all safe and sound and free from any possible public embarrassment about 'not having anything to wear' or not looking as 'fine' as those others I read about.

[I just took a few minutes to put the garbage out ... almost forgot that it's pickup day. It's Friday. I get to go to Kroger's today and get my grape salad fix. Hooray! I also put Sam in the closet, along with his changes of clothes. I gave him a little peck on the mouth and told him I'd see him again soon. SO, there'll probably be no more kelly green dreams, as my conscience is now clear.]

Do you dream in color?


Craig Peihopa said...

yes I do!

steven said...

i have never been able to isolate one element of a dream in terms of its colour. details of objects, places, words, plots - easy - but to say something was a colour - well i always wonder if i'm doing a paint by number job on my dreams. figuring out the colour the thing should have been rather than referring to what i actually saw.

tough that sam got the old "peck 'em on the mouth and shove 'em in the closet treatment"!! i figured he'd be out there through thick and thin, side-by-side with you goldenrod. i say bring him back out of the closet, say you're sorry you don't know what you were thinking shoving him into the dark light that and let people deal with him - and you!!!


Goldenrod said...

Wow, Craig! You're the first person I've ever known who says he dreams in color!!

Like Steven, I've never remembered color in my dreams after waking up ... he uses the word 'isolated'. I don't remember them as being in black and white - or sepia, either, for that matter. It's just that whatever 'color' portion there may have been in that dream is not in my memory. Not important to the dream, I guess. (?)

UNlike Steven, I generally do not remember "details of objects, places, words, plots" - "easy", he says. I find that most unusual!

Only 13 of my now more than 400 posts have the label "Dreams". That's because I usually only remember little snippets of them, and those little snippets quickly evaporate from my waking mode of consciousness almost as soon as I get out of bed and my feet hit the floor. I have to quickly write down whatever snatches I can remember or they'll be gone entirely.

Now, I DO have - every once in a while - dreams where one aspect is or seems familiar (location, circumstance, etc.), and I try and jot those down while I can still remember them.

I find dreams absolutely fascinating!

You're hysterical, Steven, with how wrongly you think I treated Sam, relegating him to a dark closet and such with no more howdydo than a peck on the mouth. You, sir, are a funny funny man.

Right now he's in hibernation* - happily so, and would not thank me for waking him up. However, come the first of March or thereabouts, I'll see if he wants to come out a bit early in anticipation of St. Patty's Day. I'll bet he does!

*I wonder if you knew that flamingos hibernate. Did you? Well, this one does! He's really quite unique.

Tammy said...

I'm with Steven, FREE THE BIRD! lol He's pink, and the next big holiday is Valentine's, so he should be okay naked. :) Ok, that doesn't sound the way it was meant, but you know what I mean.

I can never remember if my dreams are in color or not....

Goldenrod said...

"FREE THE BIRD!" ?? Next thing you know, I'll have picketers all up and down my street!

Tammy, you risque lady, you! Naked on Valentine's Day? Naughty, naughty!! I might consider allowing him to go naked for Halloween (Remember my post about my New Orleanian friend going out wearing his grandpa's long nightie and cap and carrying a toothbrush?), but really now! Tsk, tsk!!!

Craig Peihopa said...

I thought everyone dreamt in colour which is why I have never given it another thought!

Oh, and free the bird! especially "au naturale" for Valentines!

Goldenrod said...

Oh, you guys! Just too funny!! Trying to gang up on me, aren't you?

Well, guess what? I have decided to make a Jeffersonian-type executive decision here. There - supposedly (somewhere) - exists a quote by Thomas Jefferson, when he was the 'chair' (or whatever the most important 'seed' on the committee or cabinet was - perhaps he was even the President, I don't remember) ... anyway, he was of a far different opinion from those with whom he had been conferring.

After minutes/hours/days (?) of debate and heated discussion, a vote was called for.

He announced (after tallying the votes - all of which were opposed, or so the story goes), "The majority rules, and I am the majority!"

Sam is staying in happy hibernation until I choose to awaken him. Will just have to inform you later as to whether or not he is mad at me!

Tammy said...

I dream in color, too! When I wake up from a dream, I'm always busy trying to remember the dream, not the colors. And then later when I try to remember if it was in color or not, it's too late to remember those details.

Last night I had several vivid dreams with vivid details. I can remember MANY different items in the dream, and all were in color. :)