Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My weekend ... #1 ...

I haven't had a couple of days like that for a while, and don't expect to again any time soon. How very, very special.

You all probably know that I've been looking for something I could do to bring more dollars in to Goldenrod's coffers each month. I've considered all sorts of different possibilities. Theoretically, I'm highly qualified to do many things.

I investigated tutoring late last Spring, but in retrospect I realize that I did so only half-heartedly. I have a notebook full of information about institutes here in Houston that are looking for tutors and teachers. I don't remember applying for more than one or two! I got kind of excited last fall about the possibility of teaching in Korea in their winter program. Filled out page after page on the application. Even got my passport. Never heard a word back. Tried to call the phone number listed, but could never get an answer.

Now, before you get mad at them, I should tell you that I never attached a resume. I couldn't see the sense in it. They already had all the info on my application. What pure and utter nonsense, I felt! See a potential problem here? Goldenrod's attitude is going to have to change if she wants to move ahead in this area!!

[But do I want to? That's the key question, isn't it? Honestly, if I had my druthers, I would probably never work another hour as long as I live! But, I don't have my druthers. I have reality, and push is getting ever closer to shove.]

This next month now, my coffers are going to see an infusion of several hundred dollars - all of that coming from old-timey taxicab customers, which is a very good thing, cuz due up are my annual property taxes, an electric bill of close to $400 (only paid $2.79 or some such ridiculous amount last month - they must have just estimated it instead of taking an actual meter reading), and a new (digital, of course!) television set.

[Hey, Goldenrod! Get to the point, will you please? All right, already!!]

So anyhoo, in my seemingly never-ending task of sorting through every single little bit of paper in my house before I throw it out, because who knows what it might be ... could be a birth certificate, a divorce decree, a will, or even a college diploma (and yes, I've unearthed some of those types of what one might consider more important items!) - and no, you don't want to see the inside of my house (but maybe you do, if you're one of those who brakes at every accident scene to see if you can spot some gore ... lots of gore here), I came across (just this past week) a somewhat yellowed "Writers' Network" pamphlet.

I thought, "Oh, my goodness! I wonder if any of these are still in existence?" I got on the net. Lots of "Southwest Literary Arts Council" listings when I Googled that name, but none specifically for Houston. And so I tried to further define in my search what I was actually looking for.

I found it! I indulged myself by reading all about the (what looked like) many such organizations in the Houston area. I e-mailed one that I found of particular interest. Supposed to have been meeting that evening. I questioned the mode of attire, was there an assigned room, etc. I heard back, almost immediately, from a "Diane", saying that the meeting had been 'put on the back burner' (my terms) but she was delighted to hear from me, etc. and blah.

To try and make an already long story just a touch shorter, Diane and I met at a local restaurant Saturday. An absolutely delightful couple of hours were spent with she and I (along with Ann, another local attendee) constantly interrupting each other! Rrvit!!

Diane's opinion is that there's money to be made ($$$) in non-fiction, which is my area, is it not? (Would that it ever be so! I'm talking about the $$$ to be made, not entertaining a possible debate as to whether or not my writing is non-fiction, I hope you understand?)

The past couple of days, give or take a few hours here or there, have been spent filling out entry forms and updating my autobiography. Am still nowhere near finished. It appears as tho I might have to get an agent. Argh! Double argh!!

[Her computer has been 'down' since last Friday, and so I haven't been able to e-mail her with some of my questions. I have several, as you might imagine!]

OK. Now you have Saturday and the subsequent many hours hence. Let's move on to Sunday (next post).


Craig Peihopa said...

Wonderful news goldenrod, I am so pleased for you, for me one of your talents is that you are a wonderful story teller.

Tammy said...

This sounds like it's right up your alley, Goldenrod!

Goldenrod said...

Thanks, Craig. It IS 'right up my alley', Tammy, but this site that Diane put me onto is a real gold mine as far as info about trying to get published, other writers' blogs and thoughts, contests ... I could go on and on here. They even have chat rooms and technical support people. Altho I'm officially registered, I have yet to list my blog. I've spent many hours reading about others' (even added three or four sites to a different classification of "Favorites") ... think I'm up to 2007 with these. Interesting stuff. Some not at all of interest. You know how that goes. I don't want to skip on ahead, altho I did stop reading the earliest ones when I discovered that their sites were no longer in existence. Hours and hours and hours. It would have blown my mind if I'd known how much was available out there when I first began, I think.

How's that saying go? "The more I know, the more I realize I don't know." That's about right, isn't it? The timing is certainly right for this latest exploration.

Will definitely keep you posted of my progress (or lack thereof) as I move along here.