Sunday, January 25, 2009

The week that was

I can't title this "Sunday morning", cuz it's now Sunday afternoon (in fact, it's going on towards evening), so I'll just go ahead and briefly recap this past week - other than what you already know from my previous posts - , concentrating more on the past couple/three days, actually. My goodness, my goodness, my goodness!

I haven't posted since Thursday, really, with "My weekend ... #2 ...". Jiminy crickets, that seems like at least a week ago! (My Friday post was a reaction to clicking on the link in that post to Chuck's site, and then discovering that he had pre-empted me by a good four days! Danged near 'blew my mind' is what that did, I wanna tell ya!!)

We (the three of us) had such a wonderful visit a week ago -- was it just a week ago? Seems like a whole lot longer than that! They're no doubt off of their Norwegian cruise liner by now and have already driven east (after first having taken the ferry from Galveston onto the Boliver Peninsula) towards Florida.

I would rather they had not done that, but I think they wanted to see for themselves the utter devastation that Ike caused just four months ago. (They won't have seen the "utter devastation", because so much has been cleaned up, but still! -- let's move on here.)

I have barely read others' posts and commented. Been having my own problems ... *computer-wise, with sound (NO sound whatsoever, including YouTube!) ... and **house-wise, with workers traipsing up/down/around/about.

Haven't gotten my weekly grape salad 'fix', either! (Don't you feel sorry for me? Boo hoo! Poor me!!) Well, folks! Am going to take care of that little item tomorrow, believe you me!!


Located in London and founded during Queen Victoria's reign, this animal shelter currently houses some 400 dogs and 150 cats who - by no other admission criteria other than that they simply show up at its doorstep - need a good home.

According to what I remember about this morning's segment, prospective owners are first required to fill out a four-page application. A home visit might then ensue to make sure that accommodations are sufficient to ensure an animal's future well-being.

Woven glass ...

... was another neat feature on Charles Osgood's show this morning. Norris and Markow, the artists, are out of Virginia. To view the 4+ minute clip from this morning's show, go here. I tried to link the video for you directly, but got a message saying it was no longer available. However, that's not really true. Just follow the link, and you'll have it -- first, tho, there'll be like a 15-second commercial.

Steven, this process is something that you would really be intrigued by, I think. Fascinating stuff!

Thank God for my son-in-law!

I spent at least half an hour today listening to a friend complain about her latest purchases/dealings with Office Depot and her computer problems. Seriously here, I don't know what all of you do w/o a son-in-law such as I been blessed with! *It turned out to be a simple connection problem. (No, not as simple as "Is it plugged in?" but close!)


That was a year, was it not? There was an editorial-type comment this morning on that year. The upshot of it was that, perhaps, this (as in the first 'African-American' US President ever!) might provide a healing element to our country.

The comment was made that it took 40 years, from 1968-2008.

That's a sobering thought. And would that Mr. Obama live up to even one quarter of whatall is projected/hoped for!

In education, there's a very old adage that goes (something like) ... "It takes 50 years for a new idea to evolve, another 50 years for it to be recognized as worthwhile, and then another 50 years for it to be incorporated into the system. By that time, it's 150 years out of date!"

[I guess I'd like to interject here that the idea of slavery - or subjugation - did not originate in this country, but I'm not the least bit proud to have to admit that we did, indeed, subscribe to its precepts!]

For my further thoughts on this past election and subsequent inaugural confirmation, please go here.

I spoke way too soon about ...

... my (what I initially thought was) good fortune in getting another good neighbor! I mean, WAAY too soon!! (**More later, undoubtedly!!!)


Craig Peihopa said...

isn't it interesting that our lives on a daily basis are laden with so many choices and so many events that demand from us all, some of our time, and you certainly harness the vibe of your day and week well Goldenrod.

I love the mixed and interesting always.

I do so enjoy your musings on life and your days. Just brilliant my friend.

Previous comment deleted, a few spelling errors no less. I could not allow them to pass on the blog of an educator now could I?

Chuck said...

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me...

I had to pay for Internet on the cruise, but I decided to do so or else I'd have had a heap of posting to do after the cruise.

It was wonderful getting to spend a couple hours with you last week. And you were right as usual-- the devastation on the Bolivar Peninsula was something to behold. We had eaten at a neat old place 2 years ago along that road -- all gone now -- and litter all over the place. We took photos as we drove -- perhaps that will be a future post. On to Florida now!

Tammy said...

I don't have a son in law that's a whiz with computer problems, but I sure do have a daughter that is. :) Every time something's not quite right, I holler for Emily and she has me up and running again in no time.

Loved this whole post, by the way...

Goldenrod said...

Thank you, Craig. I get a kick out of you proofing your own comments and then deleting the first one because it had spelling errors. You get an "A".

Chuck, your "You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me ..." comment made me think of an incident many years ago involving my mother. Look for my latest installment in that series soon, perhaps even later today.

I would rather not have been "right as usual". It was in that area, Chuck, where so many hardy souls (as they were termed by non-thinkers) had to be emergency-rescued from rooftops. Even so, they could not get everyone, and upwards of 100 were still missing weeks and weeks afterwards. Some have still not been found!

My computer decided to go into hibernation some time back, and my son-in-law woke it up from its deep sleep and programmed it never to do that again as long as it was plugged in. Stuff like that. He doesn't know anything, hardly, about blogging. I have to ask my daughter about things related to that. So, betwixt the two (and you, of course, Tammy, cuz they're not always available!), the problems get resolved. Not always on the most timely basis, but they do get resolved.