Friday, January 30, 2009

I lied

So what else is new?

I was just watching Uncle Jay explain the news for the umpteenth-third time when I said to myself, "Self! You absolutely MUST include that delightful little old lady trying to figure out what the devil to do in order to get her old analog set to work." I've seen this I don't know how many times. It's priceless!

Here it is, yet once again, for your enjoyment ...

Isn't she wonderful?

I think we lost the little "Where's the beef?" gal just a few years back, but this one is almost as good, don't you think?


Craig Peihopa said...

PRICELESS! Thanks for that Goldenrod.

whalechaser said...

I am still using Chuck's Mac laptop, but I had to respond on this one. Yes,"Where's the beef" is the late Clara Pleller. She was my favorite!
This though is a good replacement. I have seen it f=before a s well but it is good for a few more times before I begin to get tired of it.