Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great big gobs of greasy grimy mouser dust ...

... greasy grimy mouser dust, greasy grimy mouser dust ... ... How does the rest of that go? I forget. (And yes, I know that it's supposed to be 'greasy grimy gopher guts', or some such.)

Anyhoo, yesterday - was it just yesterday? Es imposible! Increible!!, when I was in the midst of composing this post, my mouse decided to run rampant.

Now, my mouse pad has a photo of this really inquisitive little kitty that's trying its very best to climb up high enough to be able to look over the top of a ledge to see if it can find something it can sink its claws into however briefly and play with awhile, maybe even give it a bite every now and again.

Well! My mouse decided to take matters into its own hands. It didn't make any difference how hard I tried to direct the cursor's movements, I failed. I was "beside myself" ... that's one of the best descriptive phrases ever, imo - all sorts of imagery come to mind!

I finally decided to call my daughter. When I described the problem to her she said, "You're going to have to take the mouse apart." I said, "WHAAAT!!!" She repeated what she'd just said.

And so, somewhat reluctantly, the surgery began. It required full and direct lighting. It required some rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and a paper towel to catch the 'yuk'. Don't think I mentioned bifocals, did I? It required bifocals.

Every so often I'd call my daughter to give her a blow by blow account of my progress. She said, "Geez, Mom, if it was me, I'd be taking photograph after photograph of this whole process for a future post!" I replied, "Don't you think I've thought of exactly the same thing?"

Sorry, guys. No camera, no photos! The long surgical procedure was somewhat shortened by my ingenious (imo) and quite timely use of tweezers to extract some of the larger pieces of mouser dust ... voila!!

PS. My daughter told me that she had had this problem years ago, and had solved it on her own. No outside help. Cannot even begin to imagine such a thing! Good for her!!

PPS. I had this same problem with my mouse several months back. Somehow or another, however, the problem resolved itself without my having to resort to major surgery. I asked my daughter how this could possibly have happened and she said, "Mom, that's a mystery."


Tammy said...

Oh...I'm laughing so hard.

And I'm so glad you spared us on the photos. Not sure if I'm up to mouse guts tonight.

Glad all's well in your mouse's world... :)

Tammy said...

Me again...still laughing. I can seriously picture you doing surgery on your poor little mouse.

hee hee..........