Thursday, January 8, 2009

I recommend

This past week or so I've scarcely known which of my "Favorites" to turn to first, there have been so many good postings! I simply cannot let another day go by without sharing with you just a few of those I have most enjoyed. They'll be in alphabetical order, according to author.

Polimom ...

This name will probably not be new to you, as I have mentioned her several times before. She is working diligently to hone her photography skills, and is currently interviewing Sherpas* for the position of 'lens carrier'. (She can barely lift, much less hold steady for a well-focused shot, the enormous lens she received for Christmas!)

*Just joking about the Sherpas interviews. A Sherpa is defined as "someone who carries loads at high altitudes". There's no way that Katy, Texas, can be described as having a high altitude!

She also received for Christmas - from Santa, she says - two hermit crabs, named Moulin and Rouge. In this post, she writes a bit about them and includes a few photos of Rouge, each of which (imo) is spectacular!

There are two other photographs of Rouge in her post, but I chose to show this one because it made me laugh. It made me think of a very little boy trying on his daddy's huge cowboy hat!

If you'd like to see more of Polimom's photos, go here.

Steven ...

Do you like stories of pirates, sailing ships, buried treasure and the like? Steven is in the midst of showing parts one through fifteen of "Treasure Island" ... in fact, #7 published just today. Each episode lasts less than ten minutes. I must confess, however, that I couldn't wait for all fifteen episodes to air.

I was so intrigued by his introduction to episode #1, where he relates how Robert Louis Stevenson thought of this story in the first place, that I went on ahead and watched all fifteen!

When I told Steven that I just couldn't seem to help myself, that I went ahead and watched all of the episodes, his comment was - among other such epithets - "Arrrrrgggggggg!"

Tammy ...

Our home-schooling mom extraordinaire. She and her oldest daughter, Emily, found a website the other day that showed cities built from unusual items. This one, made up of drill bits and machine parts,

is only one of the many she includes in this post. Please DO click on the link for more information!

Whalechaser ...

This is a gal after my own heart, with a 'wicked' (her own words) sense of humor. She published one such just the other day. The topic was "The REAL Stock Market Terms". I'm going to include just a couple (or three) from her post, which I found absolutely hilarious!

Broker ... What my broker has made me.

Financial Planner ... A guy whose phone has been disconnected.

Standard & Poor ... Your life in a nutshell.

For more of her zany definitions, go here.

I cannot leave Whale (because it was she who first introduced me to 'Uncle Jay', remember?) without sharing with you Uncle Jay's version of the news (as aired this past Monday). Ready? Here it is ...

See ya later!


Craig Peihopa said...

Wonderful post how you bring all of these elements together. Very good Goldenrod. You are great.

Craig Peihopa said...

Love Polimoms pics.

Goldenrod said...

Thanks, Craig. Wish you had waited another ten minutes to read this post. I decided the photos were too small. I enlarged them. Makes a world of difference! Try it again, if you've got time.

Definitely agree about Polimom's pix. Did you check out the other two on her site?

Tammy said...

Uncle Jay...too funny!

And those pictures Polimom took of Rouge are spectacular.

Craig Peihopa said...

yes Goldenrod, I looked and read again. Great post. I love polimoms pix and am VERY impressed by the clarity and light. She is sooo talented.

Beautiful stuff.