Monday, November 10, 2008


It's pouring down rain outside. From where I'm sitting, I can hear the wind blowing and drops hitting the roof and windows ... a perfect day for reflecting - leaning back, thinking, and remembering - reading other folks' blogs and enjoying, letting my imagination wander as I read what they've written. I'd like to share with you just a few of the many thoughts that have gone through my mind in the past hour or so.

Tammy, whose blogsite Sunshine Cottage focuses mainly on religion and family, has always been interested in history. Her latest post talks about a Civil War reenactment that her husband recently participated in, and she briefly discusses their reasons for wanting to continue remembering that part of history. I concur with all of what she said.

She didn't go into a whole lot of detail and included only one photograph, which allowed my mind to wander freely ... I was thinking about my many trips to Atlanta and my stays in a campground on Kennessaw Mountain, where I saw a lot of historical markers and read about some of the many battles during the Civil War in that area -- about my visit to Shiloh during the week one September and the eeriness of being one of the few visitors there and almost being able to actually see and hear the battle -- about the struggles for Texas' independence from Mexico - The Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto.

I was reminded of the importance of not forgetting the past. I don't mean that we should dwell in it, but I think it's imperative that, particularly in this day and age of instant worldwide interaction and connectivity, we all retain our individual sense of self and place in history - our own very rich and distinct cultural heritage.

I went on from there to Michael's latest entry, Haunting Myself, a poem I found particularly lovely.

He's kind of a dreamer and questioner, and while reading this I was reminded of the beautiful love story in the movie "Somewhere in Time" (Christopher Reeve, I think, and I forget who played the female lead - I'd have to look it up) -- of the elusiveness of dreams, of trying to capture and retain a fleeting thought, event, moment, or feeling.

I checked out Polimom's blog, and was pleased to note that she'd included a photograph taken on one of her walks through George Bush Park in far west Houston. She's fast becoming known for her skills with the camera and all its various attachments and lenses.

That post reminded me of Steven's blog, which is here there and everywhere, but almost always in the pursuit of loveliness and beauty. And, when he finds something he considers absolutely delightful, he writes about it and includes a photograph or two. What I find delightful about his blog is his almost childlike reaction to what he sees and discovers, like he's seeing something really fascinating for the very first time and just can't wait to share it with everyone! I find his enthusiasm contagious.

I've had a very good start to my day. Hope you have!


Craig Peihopa said...

A wonderfully light and interesting post Goldenrod. I guess its one of the reasons I keep coming back to your blog. You are so generous and sharing with peoples thoughts you act as a guide to help bring the antipodean world so much closer. I like your reflections and believe it or not visit your blog EVERY day. How have you been?

Goldenrod said...

"Antipodean" ... wonderful word, Craig. I had to look it up in the dictionary. Don't know that I'll remember it, but I thank you for the challenge!

How've I been? Well, pretty much as I've described in my posts.

However, I'll be writing another later on today trying to describe what's been happening to me in re my weight. (How do you like that for a 'teaser'?) :)

tamlovesran said...

Thanks for the link. I would love for you to see the other photos of the day. Are you on Facebook? That's where the photos are posted. It's a lot easier to add a lot of photos there than on blogger. Anyway, look me up cause I always enjoy adding new FB friends.

Tammy said...

"Antipodean"...I had to look that word up too. Love it!

Craig Peihopa said...

Great teaser! will watch for that post.