Thursday, November 20, 2008


Steven commented the other day that he was sure I didn't want this turning into a 'foody blog', but then asked me to shoot info for the cornbread and sausage recipe up his way, which I did. Hope he lets us all know how it turns out when he makes it. Says he and his son 'snaffle up' just about everything.

By the way, when I was at Kroger's yesterday I picked up the sausage, so I'm all set to go on that one. Will give a report when I make it, let y'all know if I like it or not. Not within the next day or two, tho - chili's on the menu for today.

Earlier, Tammy had asked for more info on the grape salad. I gave her the basic ingredients as I knew them, and wished her 'luck' because I didn't really know whatall else went into it. All I knew for sure was that it was delicious and palate-cleansing!

Well, also when I was at Kroger's I was able to pin down the fella who actually puts it all together. So, here you go, Tammy (and anyone else who might be interested in trying it).

Grape Salad

grapes - ripe, plump, luscious

walnuts - halved, quartered, chunks (but not bits & pieces)

Gorgonzola cheese - chunks, bits, & pieces (if you can't find Gorgonzola, blue cheese would probably do about as well)

Combine above in bowl and stir in to taste (keep tasting until it suits you) ... ...

light olive oil - vinegar - honey - cracked black pepper

This is not a 'soupy' salad! My personal preference is to have lots of cheese - walnuts not so much - very little of the black pepper, but you'll just have to fiddle around with it 'to taste'. Good luck!

Now, Whalechaser has got a three-part series of posts going about a cooking school she is currently attending. Part three will probably be out later today. It's a really good series! Here are the links for parts one and two.

I wonder if she has dared to step on a scale recently? These sound like all-dayers, and so there's no way she could be hiking six miles either before or afterwards to try and burn off all those extra calories she must be ingesting!

My culinary 'skills' are basically non-existent, but I found myself actually gaining a little understanding of some of the whys and wherefores of cooking.


Tammy said...

Gonna try to make some of that salad this weekend.

We don't have Kroger's here...bummer.

Goldenrod said...

I hope you'll let us know, Tammy, if'n you were successful.

(BTW, you don't need a Kroger's!)