Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playing catch up

It's amazing what a good night's sleep does for me - seven solid hours last night!

I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately. I haven't been able to get my naps in. There's major remodeling going on in my next door neighbor's townhouse - it's for sale - and the hammering is continuous from 8am on. Barf!

I don't like getting new neighbors - well, I should amend that by saying I like getting new neighbors only if the ones I currently have are noisy, obnoxious, rude, block your garage, and other unpleasant things I could name - Les has been my neighbor for quite a number of years now, and I really could not have asked for a better one!

But, he and his long-time girlfriend have decided to buy a house together in Clear Lake (SE, towards Galveston). "So you guys are getting married?" I asked, expecting an affirmative answer and ready to add my hearty congratulations. "No, no," he said, "Once was enough!" We both laughed and rolled our eyes at each other in complete understanding.

Anyway, after my really good night's sleep, I came in here to down my weekly pill (accompanied by lots and lots of water, as recommended). Am now drinking fresh coffee. Nice! Haven't looked at others' blogsites yet - spent about an hour and a half deleting 'junk' mail and 'unsubscribing' (where possible) to those that I had never subscribed to in the first place (!) - added a response or two to comments on my posts - I'll be ready to see what's going on with my fellow bloggers after I catch all y'all up on a couple of things.

What does "Eats fine" mean to you? DD said that she'd made chili the other day and sent me a recipe that she'd found online. "Eats fine," she said. I don't want to ask what she meant by that. Would take all the fun out of it, knowing the answer. I'd rather let my imagination run wild with possibilities.

Did she mean that, upon chewing, it didn't crack her teeth? Did she mean that it was a welcome relief from the rest of the stuff on her South Beach diet? Did she mean that it was fine to swallow - as opposed to gritty?

I don't want to know. Chili sounds good to me, however. Perfect for colder weather! And reheats very successfully. In fact, it's often better reheated. May decide to buy ingredients for that when I run over to Kroger's later. Am all out of grape salad (again!). Will check while I'm there to see if the gal really did order breakfast sausage, too, like she said she would.

Do you remember when I said I was getting really tired of the chocolate-flavored Viactiv? Thought I might even have to go back to pulverizing those enormous tablets with a hammer in a little baggie again for my daily calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Well, a few weeks ago I was in the vitamin section of a store when I noticed that they now had a caramel flavor, so I thought, "Hmmm. I'll try that. If it's gawdawful, I'll get the hammer back out." They were pretty good!

Then, day before yesterday I was in the market for a Viactiv refill and noticed that they now have a raspberry flavor. My goodness! Just expanding their product line like crazy!! Rrvit. Bought some more of the caramel for this time - will be interesting to see whatall they have come up with in another month or so.

Did you watch "Dancing with the Stars" either Monday or last night? I did. (Played hookey from the annual homeowner association's meeting to do so. Bad girl, bad girl!) Warren Sapp and his professional partner, Kim Johnson, made it to the finals. This is exciting! Three couples will be competing next week in the finals, all of whom are a real joy to watch.

I just checked next week's TV schedule - it's Thanksgiving week, so I thought perhaps the schedule would be changed. (Thanksgiving in this country is always the 4th Thursday in November, for those of you whom might not know.) It is, but only a little bit. Here it is ... Monday (24th) from 7-8:30pm CST ... Tuesday (25th) from 8-10pm CST - that's different (not the day, but the time - "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" pushes the final results show back an hour). I'll be watching!

On Monday next I've penciled in on my calendar going over to the Museum of Natural Science. I have a coupon for $7 off the general adult admission (courtesy of Kroger's, no less!) to "Body Worlds 2", an exhibit which has been there for several months now. I figure it won't be there much longer, and I'd better get my own body over there before it leaves. Will do a post, I'm sure, after I've seen it.

That's it for this morning. Now you're all caught up. Hope you're doing OK on this fine Wednesday morning. I'll be checking your sites in just a few minutes.

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