Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you remember, just a couple of days ago, when I was talking about taking one of my regular customers to the airport? She was going to Austin to see an opera with friends - she didn't know which one, exactly, but she'd tell me later that evening when I picked her up.

Turns out that the opera she saw was "Cinderella" - sung in Italian, which made no sense to her, she said - "Voices were only 'so so', but the stage settings and costumes were wonderful!"

We had barely gotten off the airport grounds when I just had to call my daughter, because I remembered an almost-forgotten rendition of 'Cinderella' taped by her at the age of eight - taught to her by her grandma Mary.

I share it with you now. My only wish is that you could hear my daughter reciting this ... it's absolutely priceless! And so here we go - 'Prinderella.'

Tonce upon a wime there was a gritty little pearl named Prinderella.

She lived with her two sugly isters and her sticked wetmother who made her pine all the shots and shans and do all the wirty dirk around the house.

Wasn't that a shirty dame?

Then one day the ping issued a croclamation saying that all geligible earls had to come to the palace for a drancy fess ball.

Prinderella's two sugly isters could go to the drancy fess ball because they had drancy fesses, and Prinderella's sticked wetmother could go to the drancy fess ball cuz she had a drancy fess!

But poor Prinderella! She couldn't go to the drancy fess ball. She didn't have a drancy fess! All she had was a rirty dag which fidn't dit.

But then Prinderella's gairy fodmother appeared. She changed hice into morses and a cumpkin into a poach. She changed Prinderella's rirty dags (which fidn't dit) into a drancy fess (which fid dit) and sent Prinderella off to the drancy fess ball saying, "Now remember, you must be home by the moke of stridnight."

So Prinderella went off to the drancy fess ball and she pranced all night with the dince.

On the moke of stridnight, she ran down the stalace peps. On the bottom pep, she slopped her dripper!

So the ping issued another croclamation saying that all geligible earls had to sly on the tripper.

Prinderella's two sugly isters slied on the tripper and it fidn't dit. Prinderella's sticked wetmother slied on the tripper and it fidn't dit - but when Prinderella slied on the tripper, it fid dit!

So Prinderella and the dince mot garried and hived lappily ever after. The end.


Tammy said...

WOW. How long did it take for her to learn it????

Tammy said...

Also, was Grandma Mary your mother?

Goldenrod said...

We didn't see them that often, but every time we did, DD would clamor for Grandma Mary to say it - over and over again. She loved it, and wanted to learn it! Finally, Mary taped it and DD learned it from that. I asked her yesterday if she still had that tape, and she said, "Oh, no ... long gone." Too bad.

Grandma Mary was my husband's mother. This question got me going back through the years. I'll be doing a post on Mary on down the road. Have taken a bunch of notes. You'll like it, I think!

whalechaser said...

This is just too funny!! I lost it at "she slopped her dripper"
by golly I may never be the same

Goldenrod said...

Glad you liked it, Whale. I've got it saved on my cell phone. If we get together (January, isn't it?), I'll let you listen. That's the funniest, to hear her recite it! It's hard to believe she still remembers it after all these years.