Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playing by the rules

Yesterday, Tammy posted her most recent experience playing pinochle - substituting in a regular foursome - with some lol's.

From her descriptions, she was far and away the youngest person there ... I might even have been the youngest person there! LOL

It sounds like these gals took the game VERY seriously, indeed - far more seriously than my folks, brother, and I ever did years ago when we played! I don't mean that we didn't all play to win, but we never went 6+ hours w/o ingesting anything more than water!!

She said her blood sugar was 'in her socks' - don't you just love the way she phrased that? - by the time she got back home. Well, I guess! Anyone's would have been, I think - diabetes or no diabetes!!

(I wish I could link her post for you, but I don't think I can. Well, I could, but I don't think you'd be able to 'get on' - she's gone private.)

Anyhow, one of her commentors (my sp.) said that she and her significant other had been interested in learning the game a few years back, and they had found a 'friend' to teach them. I put friend in quotes because it seems that every time she thought she was really beginning to understand the game and used that knowledge to her advantage to try and win, her 'friend' would change the rules. (!?!)

Folks, it doesn't work that way. Rules don't get changed midway through a game - especially if you're trying to teach someone else how to play! Sure, there might be "house rules" - dictated by the host/hostess, but those are always announced beforehand.

There is - or used to be, anyway - a "Book of Hoyle" out there, listing the rules for almost every type of game imaginable, including exceptions (or 'house rules', if you would). My copy is ancient. Is it still available, do you know?

I'll never forget the first time I played dominoes with fellow cab drivers. They all played by the same rules, but they weren't the same as those I had learned! And not the same as those in puzzle books, either, I might add!!

I'm going to conclude this - my third post of the day, ye gods! - with a joke. Ready?

It seems that there was a bridge player who was just terribly obnoxious - criticized and belittled his partner, the opponents, and everyone within earshot. Nobody wanted to be his partner or even play against him, but there was no denying his bridge skills and so he was often seen (and heard) at the bridge table.

Well, as it happens to all of us sooner or later, he passed away. He had often been heard to say, "When I die, I'm going straight to hell." And everyone pretty much agreed. I mean, he was nasty!

When he was again aware of his surroundings, he was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone around him seemed to be playing cards. Not only that, but it looked like they were playing bridge!

He thought, "I must be in Heaven, but how could that be?" He tried to remember some nice thing he had done to be so rewarded, but failed.

Just then someone called out, "Hey! We need a fourth. Do you play?"

He couldn't believe his good fortune! He sat down and smiled at everyone in anticipation of enjoying his favorite game. The cards were shuffled and dealt 'according to Hoyle'.

He picked up his hand. All Aces, Kings, Queens, and one Jack. He opened the bidding "Seven notrump".

When the opening lead came down - the Jack of Kazorts - he realized where he was.


Tammy said...

4 posts in one day....I love it! So fun to see the variety that shows up on your blog. :)

By the way, you mentioned in a comment on my post that you haven't played pinochle in 50+ years. That totally took me by surprise!!! May I ask...any reason behind it being that long? Did you begin playing Bridge after that and found you liked it more than Pinochle?

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Tammy!

I grew up in a family that (with the possible exception of my sister) absolutely LOVED to play games!

[See my post of August 17th, "Memories of my father ... (part two) ...".]

I mean, Tammy, we would have played games 'round the clock' if we'd been allowed.

The only reason it's been so long since I've played pinochle is that I've not come across anyone ELSE who played the game! That's it, pure and simple.