Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bits & pieces

Honorable mentions ...

Steven honored me yesterday with a recommendation in his post. Seems he'd been "tagged" by a fellow blogger, but didn't want to follow all of the tagging rules, so I am under no obligation whatsoever to do the same. Goody! (I'm not real big on following all of the rules, either!)

I've recommended various of his posts from time to time and have been known to occasionally/frequently make comments. One of his really strong points (imo) is that he will usually respond, sometimes at great length. Makes me feel like my comments/opinions matter. I like that.

If you'd like to catch that particular post -- and let me prepare you for the facts that his capital letter key does not seem to be working and his 'favourite' spelling might look a bit odd -- here's the link.

Sunday morning ...

I almost didn't watch Charles Osgood's show this morning -- just 'knew' there would be a ton of political stuff on there -- but I'm so glad I did!

Have you ever heard of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky? I never had!

Well, it seems that they're having an election this coming Tuesday. "So what's new about that, Goldenrod?" you might well ask. "Ho hum."

What's "new" is that the only 'human' entered in their mayoral race has received a total of two (2) votes!! Quite a few dogs, one of which -- the 3-legged one -- is leading the vote tally with 1773 votes.

In a fairly close second is Lucy Lou, a Border collie, with 1660. Third place is held by Higgins, a miniature donkey, whose rallying cry can be heard far and wide ... ... "Why not vote for a jackass? You know you're going to have one in office, anyway!"

I smiled a whole lot during this segment of the show this morning, and then Googled some information for you. You can easily do the same for yourself. One site in particular, this one, you should probably catch in a hurry because they warn that the contents may change as the election approaches. (Then try it again tomorrow and again Tuesday and a third time Wednesday to see if charges of election fraud have been filed.)

What else is new about this election is that you can vote online. Note that online voting ends tomorrow night at 8pm EST. Only fair, I guess. Read more about the individual candidates here.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that all of the candidates are flagrantly trying to buy your votes! Each vote costs $1, and all proceeds go to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

Take that, Charlie Brown! ...

Tammy's latest venture into watercolors produced this magnificent pumpkin! Isn't it just great??


Tammy said...

Oh, I like Macy with the fish in his mouth. He looks just guilty enough to be a politician!!!

steven said...

hey goldenrod, thanks for the mention. i laughed out loud about the missing capital letter thing and then also about the spelling. the little letters - well that's partly becuase i type with my two pointer fingers - only my two pointer fingers. it's also because i love the writing of ee cummings and bill bissett and other writers who have done away with the autocracy of the capital letter. hey, i'm a teacher and i need some rebelliousness somewhere in my life right!!!
the spelling is a reflection of my carrying two passports - a british subject and a canadian citizen - in both countries words like favour and flavour and behaviour have that extra vowel. go figure . . . no capitals where they belong but i stick like glue to the extra vowel. it must be a guy thing!!!!!

Michael said...

I don't mind pets running for office. But I used to get upset when I see a news item about dog with 27 credit cards when I couldn't get credit.

I think in this race, I'd go for the three-legged dog. But it's not a sympathy vote. I once had a three-legged cat and that feline taught me so much. For one thing, to help compensate, she developed her hind legs and became a fantastic jumper.

Goldenrod said...

Only one more day of the serious political crap, Tammy, thank the good Lord! Then, close to half of the country will be in mourning and the other half will be celebrating and crowning the new king. :'( :) I thought we could all use a little bit of levity right about now.

Or how about the wee baby who's tagged as a terrorist at the airport because of his/her name, Michael? Absolutely ridiculous!

Loved the story about your 3-legged cat. James Lee Burke (a mystery writer out of Louisiana) has, in one of his continuing series, a 3-legged pet raccoon. I forget the name of the critter just now.

I'm actually a cat lover, but in this particular instance, if I were to vote in this mayoral election (which is entirely fictitious, of course ... the entire population of the community -- described as a 'hamlet' in a couple of sources that I found -- ranges between 4 and 40, depending on whom you're talking to and how much they've had to drink, no doubt) I think my vote would go to the donkey ... obvious reasons.

Rebel away or do your 'guy thing' as much as you want, Steven! I could have told my readers the truth ... I knew you preferred lower case and the English/Canadian/Australian, etc. spelling of certain words (notice I didn't mention 'realise' or stuff like that?) ... but it was much more fun this way! :)

You are allowed to carry two passports? Interesting! I have recently applied for my very first one and hit a bunch of snags ... you might have read about it in one of my posts not too long ago. In fact, I think Tammy commented on all of the **** her daughter had to go through when applying for her first driver's license. Utter nonsense, in my opinion!

BTW, do you ever watch "Dancing with the Stars"? One of the judges used the word "gobsmacked" this evening. You'd have gotten a big kick out of that!