Monday, November 10, 2008

Final Election Results ...

... from Rabbit Hash are in -- and have been since the 5th -- I just forgot to check the site! Uh oh!! Did you remember??

According to news reports, an estimated 215% of local registered and unregistered voters "swarmed" the polls before they finally closed on election night.

Although Travis, the lone cat, had been leading the race going into the final hours, Lucy Lou - a gorgeous border collie - won by a landslide, with Toby (Michael's favorite, I think) coming in 2nd, Travis 3rd, and Higgins (the donkey, my personal favorite) falling to 4th.

The one and only human in the race received no more votes than I last reported on 11/2 and conceded early.

I'm just going to have to try and save this post in my "Funny Things, Jokes" file for a day when I'm feeling a little 'down'. I'll betcha it won't be there forever!


steven said...

hey goldenrod, it does not surprise me that the border collie won! my family had a border collie when i was very little who was - without a doubt - the best most loved of all the animals in my life because he was smart, clever, cool, and patient. great post and thanks for following up on the original post!!!

Goldenrod said...

Hey, Steven!

Do you now have a pet? I don't recall seeing mention of one in any of your posts.

I'm a cat lover, pretty much through and through, except on this one occasion where my vote would have gone to Higgins. Why? I guess I just liked his 'attitude', even tho Travis had a very strong claim on being one of the few 'actual' residents of Rabbit Hash. :)

steven said...

hi goldenrod, in our house right now we have a small as in "dwarf" bunny - white and named cammy. we have three goldfish, and a very very large snail called "snaily". otherwise, the three chipmunks that frequent our backyard, the rabbits that also spend a lot of time back there, and the kazillion houseflies. that's the "pet" list!! my kids would really love to have a dog but the "mommazoid" (as they jokingly call her behind her back!!) is not interested in all the work that she knows goes with it......

Goldenrod said...

Sounds like "mommazoid" (love that word!) - not to mention "poppazoid" - has some smarts.