Monday, June 15, 2009

Thises and thats

Baseball ...

Wow! Have you ever seen such a light schedule for a Monday night? Only two games will be played tonight in the majors ... both interleague-type dealies. If Milwaukee loses again, our National League Central division will look even more interesting ... the Brewers and Cardinals will be tied at the top, the Cubs and Reds tied at 2 games back, and the Pirates and Astros tied at 3.5 games back. Now that's a tight division!

What's happened, of course, is that three of the teams at the top of our division are all 3-7 for their last 10 games and the three at the bottom are even or a little ahead (Astros have the best record at 6-4). Crazy, just crazy!

Interleague games resume in earnest across the majors Tuesday night. My Astros will be at the Rangers, and I'm hoping we can take the series. The Rangers either swept us when they were here or took two out of the three - I forget which. We'll be playing for the silver boot, which I wrote about here. There'll be two National League teams playing against each other again, but I forget right now which two they'll be. We'll see tomorrow night, won't we?

Kind of hard to ignore this next little item. Ever since they left here just a couple or three weeks ago, where we took 3 out of the 4 games (they won the 4th), the Rockies have been lighting up the baseball world. They have now won a whopping 11 in a row, but are still 10 1/2 games back of the first place Dodgers, who have the best winning percentage in baseball - 65%.

I probably won't be doing another baseball recap of our 'club' until after this round of interleague play has been concluded. Meanwhile, I'll be keeping a close eye on all of our teams. (Btw, Tammy and her family have just begun an ambitious trip to California and then the Grand Canyon before returning back home to Idaho in a couple of weeks, and will be out of pocket. I wish them a safe drive, and hope - altho it might be futile in this heat wave that's currently sweeping much of the country - that it's not too hot for them to enjoy those portions of their trip that will be spent outdoors.)

Bridge ...

Well, we came in 2nd. Won Saturday afternoon in a really tough match - I knew we had bested the opponents at our table both rounds, but you never know what's happening at the other table - and played for the championship that evening. I called my daughter while sitting out in the parking lot after that first session and gave her the good news. She said, "Mother, don't change anything. Do everything exactly the way you did it yesterday." Well, I tried to (including stopping at McDonalds for their mcnuggets, altho I really wasn't in the mood for mcnuggets), but what neither of us realized was that the cat had already been let out of the bag. The previous afternoon, I hadn't called her until after I had arrived back home between sessions.

I should have gone to Luby's (a cafeteria just up the road from the Convention Center) as I'd thought about doing. If I'd realized that I'd already jinxed myself by changing up the order of what I did between sessions, I'd have gone to Luby's and then who knows what would have happened, right?

As it turned out, we held our own during the first half of Saturday evening's match - in fact, were a little ahead, but then during the second half I misplayed ("butchered" is the correct term) one hand and mis-defended another! Ye gods!! Two very costly errors. I still have our card with the results. Think I'll throw it away instead of trying to find someone else to 'blame'.

Television ...

I went out to Katy yesterday and picked up my early birthday present (see pic in this post) ... ... had a nice visit with my daughter and her husband, as well. It's the perfect size to replace my other one. Knew it would be. Only a couple of 'problems', which my son-in-law can perhaps futz around with and recapture/fix when he's next here.

That's it for this post. Lots of other 'news', but some of it is "down the road" type. Talk atcha!


Craig Peihopa said...

2nd is a sure lot better than not placing at all, so congrats for that! and also for the TV DVD combo, how cool is that!

Goldenrod said...

Not much "coolness" going on here right now, Craig, weather-wise ... ... we're well on our way to setting record high temps for the month of June, which is not the LEAST bit amusing ... ... moi, who is normally not much concerned with high temps, am (I guess!) thinking more about the Gulf waters super-heating prematurely and "feeding" whatever hurricane-type frenzies might throw themselves our way a bit later this season ... ... too recent and most vivid memories of Ike last year, I think.

However, I thank you for your congrats! Can't believe how sharp that digital image is!! Do you have digital television down there in Australia or do you have analog? My son-in-law was trying to explain to me how much better digital is than analog. He "lost me" at about the second or third word. So what ELSE is new, huh? :)

Craig Peihopa said...

yeah the weather is a concern. We have had a blast of air from Antarctica and it has been very cold here in OZ, abnormally so. But just keep hydrated and I will have a few words with a friend upstairs to try and ensure that should any unwelcome weather rear up that it will pass you by.

As for digital TV yes we have it here, it wont be rolled out fully until late next year but set top boxes and digital TV's have beeb available for a while and are coming down in price all the time.

Basically the signal is better, that's all I need to know between Analogue and Digital.

Love your posts Goldenrod. Keep smiling my friend.