Monday, June 29, 2009

FInally, it's over!!

What is? Interleague play, that's what! (Well, except for the Cubs having to play the White Sox in a makeup game later on, that is.) And 'good riddance to bad rubbish' is what I say!

Whooftah! Except for the Cardinals, who had a 6-3 record against their American League rivals in the past two weeks, the National League teams pretty much sucked. My Astros, now, held their own with a 6-6 record, but prior to that had been swept by the Rangers. (Guess who won the silver boot?) In fact, until the Stros won the third game in their second set with the Rangers, we were the only National League team not to win a single game against our American League opponents. Oh, the disgrace of it all!

Patrick's team, the Atlanta Braves, has managed to gain a game and a half on the first place Phillies even tho their record for the past two weeks stands at 5-8 (a makeup game in there against the Cubs). How could that be? Well, the Phillies went into a tailspin - winning only one out of their first nine games in interleague play recently, but managed to pull out of it at the very last second with two wins against Steven's Blue Jays. That National League's Eastern division would be somewhat tight right about now were it not for the hapless Washington Nationals.

OK. Let's move on to the American League East, which is the only AL division I pay much attention to. Despite two weeks of action, this division remains fairly bunched up at the top. However, the Red Sox - with the second best winning percentage in baseball (6l.3%) - have managed to pull one more game ahead of the 2nd place Yankees. Steven's Jays are trying to hang in there - jockeying back and forth for position with the Tamba Bay Rays, and are now 6.0 games back.

The National League Central is pretty tight. My Astros managed to climb out of the cellar last week and are now clinging to 5th place, just 1/2 game behind the Cubs. In our entire division, there are only 5 games separating first from last place.

Other than the Astros and Pirates exchanging places, the Brewers and Cardinals have been vying for position. At present they are in a virtual tie for first place. If it weren't still so early in the season, it'd be kind of exciting!

One fact kind of leapt out at me earlier today, when I was looking over statistics. Check out the Phillies' "home" and "road" records. (National League East) Are those wild or what?!? Just incredible!!

Well, the all star break will coming up soon. If interleague action is any indication, "we" - as in the National League - are going to get our 'you know whats' creamed by the AL. Will catch up with you all again in re the action in 'our baseball club' in a couple of weeks.


Craig Peihopa said...

CHARGE!!!! a good place to observe and feel, even remotely, part of a club!

Goldenrod said...

I hereby name you, Craig Peihopa, an honorary member of 'our' baseball club. Welcome!

steven said...

hi goldenrod, the jay's tenuous hold on doing well this year has looked sketchier and sketchier. consistency is key to success in any sport and this is a team that goes out and wallops one team only to lose four straight to another. tampa looked good in their latest series. have a peaceful day, steven

Goldenrod said...

Come on now, Steven! Your team hasn't 'lost four straight to another'. (They've lost four straight, but not to ANother.) Your team managed to 'save' the Phillies (NL East) from dive-bombing into the ground at full speed (Did they even bother to say, "Thank you!"?), and now is rolling over, trying to play dead and screaming "Uncle!" to the Tampa Bay Rays, who have won both of their first two meetings ON YOUR HOME TURF and at present have the hottest record in major league baseball!!

Where's your fighting spirit, Steven? Your game (currently in progress) is leading those (old Devil) Rays by a score of 2-0 in the fifth inning. "Go, Jays! Boo, Rays!!" Come on now, let's have some cheers!

steven said...

well alright! i've never forgiven the rays since they bought a team to win the world series. i didn't check into the game today being busy with the canada day festivities but i guess i'll have a look. naw i don't quit on teams. i'm a toronto maple leafs fan. that's hockey goldenrod. they last won the big trophy when i was eight years old - 1966 - and i've never deviated even one little teensy tiny bit since then!! thanks for the kick in the seat of the pants goldenrod!!! steven