Friday, June 19, 2009

Bob Hope and James Cagney

The following clip, taken from the 1955 movie "The Seven Little Foys" - where Bob Hope plays the role of Eddie Foy and James Cagney is George M. Cohan, will take you back a few years. Enjoy!

I was a great admirer of Bob Hope and knew he danced a little, but I had absolutely no recollection of how good he actually was!

Thanks, Dianna, for reminding us all of times gone by.


Craig Peihopa said...

Bob Hope! Wow he is or was good!

I got his autographed photo once when I was at Universal studios and he was there. A great thrill to meet.

And James Cagney excellent. These people were true entertainers.

Chuck said...

And Hope was a decent singer and one of the greatest comedians -- especially on his USO tours.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I really miss so many of the old entertainers.

Goldenrod said...

What a special memory for you to have, Craig. You would have towered over him!

Chuck, I wonder if you've had a chance to check out Aaron Wilbur's clips from my post "Stuff from others" ... his sense of timing - although different - is every bit as good as Bob Hope's was, I think. In particular, be sure to click on the go "here" in my next to last paragraph so you can view that one. It's hilarious!

(Btw, I've seen Aaron's last name spelled as "Wilbur" "Wilburr" and "Wilburn". Wild!)

Another entertainer that I miss, but never really appreciated until just a couple of years before he died, is Sammy Davis, Jr.

Bob Hope's USO tours (and how many did he do, anyway?) were ALL wonderful. Another comedian who I thought had a terrific sense of timing was George Burns. And, I seem to recall hearing that George and Bob often played bridge together.

steven said...

wow!! how on earth do they do that? that was shear brilliance goldenrod - thanks for sharing this magic piece with us!! steven

Goldenrod said...

You're very welcome, Steven, and thanks again to Dianna for refreshing my memory banks on this one.

You know what my first thought was upon viewing this? I kept looking for scratch marks on the tabletop! Is that hilarious, or what?

Glad you enjoyed it. (Btw, I'm STILL having a problem adjusting to the clarity of this clip!)

stamperdad said...

Being a stamp and postal history collector I thought I'd let you know the USPS issued a stamp in honor of Bob Hope this year. Check with the local post office to see if they have it.

I too loved watching Hope.