Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What day is it?

Until about half an hour ago, I thought today was Sunday.

I woke up when I woke up (luxurious!), went to the bathroom, started a fresh pot of coffee, and came in here to check out my "Favorites" and perhaps add a comment or two while the coffee was brewing.

(Had wanted to do that last night before hitting the pillow, but the internet connections were all screwed up. Couldn't even reach my OWN site! Thought I'd probably have to call DSL today to see if he had time to log on and 'fix' whatever the bug was ... was assuming it was my computer acting up, doncha know. Took the time to restart the whole process, but nothing seemed to help.

Everything's working just fine now. Maybe it just needed a rest? [That's why I did the 'restart', but that was a no go.] Guess there's a glitch in the system every once in a while, huh? You wouldn't think there'd be heavy activity at 1am my time, tho, would you?)

Anyway, to continue. I had about 40 minutes before Charles Osgood's Sunday morning show would be coming on ... not enough time to compose a post, but enough time to do a little cruising and commenting.

I got a little hung up on another commentor's response to my comment on Simon's site, in re the origins of the phrase "chalk and cheese". That was really neat!

(I'm sure you've noticed, by the way, if you've read more than just a few of my posts, that I get turned on at times by some real oddities. What might not interest you in the slightest holds a great deal of fascination for me, and vice versa I'm sure.)

So, as I said, I got more than a little distracted, and didn't rush into the other room to tune in to his show until 30+ minutes after it had begun.

It didn't look quite right. There were too many commercials, for one thing, and where was Charles Osgood? There were crowds of cheering folks (when microphones and cameras were turned in their direction). What was all THAT about??

Then, I thought to myself, "Well, as long as there are so many commercials on, I should take this opportunity to put the garbage out."

Now, that thought should have fully awakened me to the realization that today is Tuesday, wouldn't you think? (We don't have scheduled garbage collections on Sunday!)

OK. Garbage was out. I watched the program for perhaps five more minutes, inanities abounding, more maniacally cheering people, before I realized that I was an absolute idiot!!

Came back in here. So, how's YOUR day going?


Tammy said...

Um. No comment other than ROFLOL! ;)

Goldenrod said...

Yeah, it's a ROTFL, all right!

I'm kind of surprised you didn't ask me to provide a link to where I got 'hung up'. ANYhoo, anticipating someone else's question on the same thing, I have since redone the post to include the link. You'll have to go the "Comments" section from the link to find it. It's quite fascinating. At least I think so!

Tammy said...

Actually I had wondered why there was no link, but was so caught up in your not knowing what day it was drama (lol) that I totally forgot! Thanks for adding the link. The "chalk and cheese" saying is interesting; I hadn't heard it before either.

I read a few blogs in the UK and Norway.....fascinating the different words, phrases, and spellings we all use.