Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guess what I have?

You'll never ever guess, so I'll tell you.

I have in my possession a brand new (expiration date 2014!!!) driver's license, one that has not been mauled or bitten or chewed on by a German shepherd when it accidentally fell out of my pocket and he thought it was something to play with. (I was frantically trying to grab it, but he was faster.)

Lawdy, lawdy, it's purty! I may decide to frame the darned thing.

I renewed it by mail, which sure was convenient. HowEVer, along with the new license came a letter of explanation that the new licenses feature endorsements, such as a directive to physicians, an emergency contact number, and allergic reactions to drugs. If they'd offered me that originally, my license could have had ALL of those!

Will look at the letter again later. Right now I'm of a mind just to ignore it. We'll see.

Health update ...

Halfway through the day Wednesday I realized that I had forgotten to take my pill. Too late! So, what I did was take it first thing yesterday morning. (This part of my post is being written early Friday.) Had a slight case of heartburn (now I know what it feels like), which was alleviated almost immediately by drinking a bunch more water. Then, a couple of hours ago had a little diarrhea. Nothing before or since. I'm hoping both were due to my being late taking it. Will go back to Wednesday next week, and see what happens then.

I switched from those humongous calcium and Vitamin D pills that had to be pummeled into swallowable submission to Viactiv, which is a chewable milk chocolate. (Janet's suggestion. Thank you!) I asked the fellow who was assisting me what they tasted like, and he said, "Probably cardboard." He was wrong, by the way. They're actually pretty good. Viactiv also contains Vitamins D & K, so those requirements are easily met. Not quite enough of the calcium, but I eat a lot of cheese and am having milk with my fresh strawberries, so I should be OK there.

As far as monitoring my own blood pressure, I haven't been getting any readings above 125 -- EVER! Think I should take it in next week to see if it's accurate.

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