Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Traveling in the family car

I was w/racking my brain this morning, trying to think of what all I wanted to talk about today when, upon checking commentor's site (see last post), I took the time to listen to an absolutely riDIculous song. I listened to it TWICE, and the 2nd time through was not only tapping my feet (good exercise) but swinging my arms. I dare you to listen to it and not do the same!

What do y'all do while traveling in the family car?

When I was a kid (and probably some even to this day), I was unable to travel for long distances while sitting in the back seat without getting carsick. I mean, when I said I had to throw up, Daddy pulled over just as soon as he possibly could and I threw up!

It never seemed to help that Mom had all these really neat ideas for games to play while we were traveling. If I was sitting in the back seat, I got sick.

A couple of her games included 1) Spotting out of state license plates -- 1st person to see a new one got the credit and 2) Seeing how many cows/horses/farms/tractors/whatever the subject was that you were trying to count ... they were BOTH really good ideas! (Didn't help with my car sickness, but they were fun.)

When DD was very little, hubby fixed up a combination 'play/sleep area' in the backseat for her simply by wedging a large sheet of plywood (he had probably cut it to fit, but I don't remember) between the back of the front and rear seats and resting on the rear seat cushions, of course. Then, on top of that would be placed some of her favorite toys along with bedding and a pillow. The rest of her paraphernalia, including diapers, etc. (depending upon her age), would be under the plywood.

This worked out REALLY well! (Wouldn't work nowadays, tho, would it? Not with all the requirements for car seats.) DD, from a very early age, was a good traveler. Almost as soon as we started going down the road, she was sound asleep. Then, when she woke up, she had some of her very favorite things right there next to her -- and, if there was anything else she needed, it was easily accessible.

When she was older, we sang rounds, even old camp songs. ALL of the old-timey favorites were included, a couple of which you might not know. Do you know, "I'll sing you one-o." (response) "Green grow the rushes oh, what is your one-o?" It continues on through twelve. That's a good one.

Another tune that was a particular favorite of ours was 'stout-hearted men'. Hubby and I would sing it straight until we got to the chorus, beginning with "When stout-hearted ... ...", where we would deliberately sing off key as loud as we possibly could, trying not to laugh hysterically all the while.

(By the way, this will NOT work for those of you who are unfortunate enough not to be able to even hear a note accurately, much less carry a tune!)

I know that a bunch of you are probably planning travels of varying lengths this summer.

As for me, just as soon as I publish this post, I'm planning to go back and listen to an absolutely ridiculous tune for at least two or three more times. I need the exercise!

PS. Not only did I tap my feet and swing my arms the 4th time through, I found myself smiling (Oh no!!) and pointing my fingers! I think I will probably link to that VERY silly/wonderful song many many more times before this year is over! (Next thing you know, I'll be getting up and dancing.)

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Tammy said...

Oh man.....I love the Wiggles. I have to say, though, that our favorite is their song "Fruit Salad."


The song in your post reminded me of it, and the girls and I HAD to watch "Fruit Salad" on Youtube.

One of our favorite things to do on long car drives is see how many different state license plates we can find. We're hoping to see all of the states on our upcoming vacation. We do a lot of silly singing, some good discussions, sleeping (girls), and other such stuff. Oh, we also like to stop off at all the historical sites, too.

I'm guessing lots of people like to fly, but our family does like good long drives. We've had some of our best family times in the car.