Sunday, June 8, 2008

I recommend ... #4 ...

Earlier today I watched a black and white film, The Hoodlum, which Steven so graciously hosted on his site.

This movie, which lasts slightly more than one hour, is typical of the gangster-type noir films made in the 1940's, and stars Lawrence Tierney, himself a very troubled man. If you are interested in an extensive recap of Eddie Muller's chance evening with the actor at a half-century reshowing of another of the actor's films in the late 1990's, follow this link.

As the title appeared and beginning credits rolled, I was struck by the accompanying music. It reminded so much of my ex-husband's Aunt Deddy, who made a living accompanying silent films on the piano many years ago. I remember many visits to her home in Binghamton, New York, where she would bang out all these old-timey tunes on the piano and I would sing along. What fun!

Humphrey Bogart came to mind, as well, as I watched this story unfold. You know the type, where all the men wear hats and smoke cigarettes, and a sweet young thing falls in love with the bad guy, except Humphrey Bogart was much more likeable than this character.

I was also reminded of another movie, probably one of my favorites of all time -- this one starring Richard Conte and James Stewart -- Call Northside 777 (1947), about this wrongly imprisoned man (Conte) who is exonerated by a crusading reporter (Stewart).

The reporter sees an ad in the newspaper to "call Northside 777" if the caller has any information that might help exonerate a prisoner. A reward is offered. This ad has been placed before, the reporter vaguely recalls, but the reward was smaller. Smelling a possible good story, the reporter calls the number. He reaches the prisoner's mother, who has been scrubbing floors on her hands and knees for many years, hoping to raise enough money (she's been living on practically nothing!) eventually to attract someone who can help.

Stewart starts out as a real jerk, Conte is a good guy, and the mother is long-suffering but noble. If you happen to catch this movie sometime, make sure you have a few tissues available. It's a good one!

HowEVer, the reason for this post is not to recommend noir films. No, no, the reason is that I'd like you to take a glance at Steven's site, called "the golden fish".

Now residing in Canada (southeast), Steven is -- if I were to try and describe him in just one word -- multi-dimensional. He seems to be interested in just about everything! He appears to get excited about and fully-involved in whatever his topic is at the time. I find his enthusiasm infectious.

He researches meticulously, and his posts are prolific. Take a look. I think you might find his site worthy of adding to your list of "Favorites".

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