Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Health update ...

It's Wednesday again, and THE DAY to take my pill. So, last night I had trouble getting to sleep (think my mind is probably 'playing' with me) again, but woke up this morning -- wonder of all wonders -- having gotten the required amount of sleep. On an empty stomach, I extracted one of the teeny pills from my cache, filled an 8-oz. glass of water (as suggested), placed the evil thing on my tongue and swallowed. Nothing happened. It was still there!

This time, however, I said to myself, "Self, you know that you can swallow this pill. You did it LAST week, so what's different?" Outside of the fact that I had cracked the darned thing accidentally while gritting my teeth, nothing was different. I realized that I was allowing this little teeny tiny pill to take control of my life!

Taking another swig of water, that pill disappeared into the netherlands slick as a whistle. It is now almost four hours later. No heartburn, no palpitations, no dizziness, no muscle aches that weren't present before, NONE of that scary stuff that this 8-page brochure with the microscopic print alerts the user to in re possible side effects. (I think I scared myself half to death just reading all that crap!)

In re my blood pressure? I finally purchased the monitor recommended by Dr. Bauer. I have since taken four readings at various times of the day. Nothing over 120!! (?)

I'll keep doing this for another week or so. If it doesn't register anything higher, then he wants me to come in to have them check the device for accuracy. The nurse had suggested that possibly I had a 'white coat' syndrome? We'll see.

Tom Thumb ...

Well, Steven has done it again! I spent just a delicious 5-6 minutes or so this morning viewing a cartoon he posted on his site. Enjoy!

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