Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here and there

Astros update ...

Well, they won last night, 11-10, in a somewhat wild game of runs coming in spurts. Certainly no one should get excited. They're something like eleven games out of first place.

Earlier last week, one of our pitchers was put on waivers. If no one claims him by tomorrow, then he will be released outright with no pay. This fairly unprecedented maneuver, which was approved by the league office, was due (Astros' front office stated) to the pitcher physically attacking the general manager.

Model trains ...

Lots and lots of little boys, and even a few girls, grow up playing with model trains -- setting up mock towns, laying out tracks, planning schedules, etc. Some never outgrow this childhood fantasy.

Doug Johnson, Channel 2's weatherman from some years back (you might remember him), was one of these. And, on his daily radio talk show, he would often talk about his latest 'addition'. It almost made me want to do something on my own with model trains, I found his enthusiasm that infectious.

Yesterday, just an incredible piece on "The Train Lady" was posted. Even if you are not a model train aficionado, I think you might enjoy taking a few moments to view this link. I found it almost unbelievable!

Fragmented orchestra ...

"Whaaat!" you say. My sentiments exactly. So, I read further.

The idea behind the thing was (as I vaguely understand it) based on neurons firing within the brain, the brain processing same and then sending out more signals to other parts of the body. A kind of circular and on-going/never-ending process.

It seems that three people have devised this 'fragmented orchestra' in Europe. It's not 'on line' yet, but you can read more about it here. By the way, be sure to click on the "map" link in the 4th paragraph. It's the darndest thing! Looks like a butterfly to me.

Tennis trivia ...

You will almost never see me writing about tennis, BUT ... in listening to the early morning news today, this fact leapt out at me.

Do you know who holds the world's record for the fastest serve by a female? (Close your eyes and think before looking at the answer, which is coming next.)

First they showed the serve, which my eyes could hardly follow because it was going so fast, then they named the mph (127!). Turns out that it was Venus Williams.

Well, folks, that's it for right now. Got to go and watch Charles Osgood. More later, undoubtedly.

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Craig Peihopa said...

I loved the trains. and the many interesting thoughts you share.