Monday, June 16, 2008

Tales from an apartment ... (Ohio #2) ...

My first husband was a prankster. One never really had any idea of what he might come up with next.

I was taking a hot shower when, all of a sudden, I was struck with a bunch of ICE cold water. I yelled. I could hear my husband giggling in the background. My initial shock turned to rage and I charged out of the shower screaming, "I'm going to get you!" and swinging my soapy washcloth around my head like some sort of lasso.

Hubby retreated into the kitchen. I followed. He retreated further, into the living room. I charged after him, wielding my 'weapon' over my head.

He quickly looked around for an avenue of escape from this wild woman, and decided that his only recourse was to go outside on the balcony. There, he felt, he would be safe.

It was a Sunday afternoon. People were washing their cars down below. He was thinking to himself, "It's OK. She won't follow me out here", when the apartment door flew open and this wild banshee (his words) came charging out and advanced down the balcony a few steps towards him!

I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that this final episode was being viewed by all those (mainly of the male persuasion) below. I hurriedly retreated back into the apartment and sat, sobbing, on our couch (still stark naked, of course), "I'll never be able to leave the apartment again. I'll never be able to look them in the face again. I'm so ashamed/embarrassed (you name it, I was 'so')."

He quickly followed and took me in his arms, tut-tutting me all the while, saying things like, "They were so shocked, they're not even going to remember what happened." "They're not going to believe that they actually saw what they saw." "You were only out there for a split second. I don't think their eyes were fully focused before you disappeared again."

All this was before the orgadon, of course.

PS. No mention was ever made of my public nudity. At least, not to my face. My husband might have received a comment or two, but he never told me about it. And, eventually, of course, I was able to look everyone in the face and pretend nothing had happened.

By the way, Chuck, there will be no photos of this event, either! :)

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Tammy said...

Another great post! One never knows what will be found here. (lol) There are always posts that make me think and posts that make me laugh. Thanks!