Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's the Matter with Helen?

I've just spent the past hour or hour and a half making myself half dizzy reading about the various childhoods/exploits/marriages/affairs/partners of Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Debbie Reynolds, Shelley Winters, Farley Granger and the like.

How the devil did I ever get on this topic? Well, I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to watch "What's the Matter with Helen?" - a movie that is due to begin on 2.2 (local TV - a new digital station that shows movies 24/7) in less than an hour.

[Digital television has opened up a whole new world for me! Most of you know, probably, that I absolutely love movies - especially good ones, and ever since I got my new TV a little over a month ago, I've had a 'tough time' redoing my schedule to accommodate all that is now available even w/o cable ... no additional Astros baseball games, however, which is a downer.]

"What's the Matter with Helen?" (1971) stars Debbie Reynolds, Shelley Winters, Dennis Weaver, Agnes Moorehead and Micheal MacLiammoir (whomever he is!).

I stopped my delving further into the actors' past histories with Shelley Winters. It seemed that - every time I looked a little bit more, there was yet another link to be followed up on. You have to stop somewhere, right?

I've only seen this movie once. However, I remembered the unhappy ending and thought I probably would not want to watch it again. Not only does it have an unhappy ending, but the Astros game begins (I'll be listening on the radio) about halfway through it.

[Speaking of my Astros, they won their first two games against the Dodgers - !!!!! - but lost last night ... left the bases loaded in the top of the ninth with "Pudge" at bat ... if he had scored, we'd have been ahead. It was exciting!]

I have decided to watch it again. I'm more than intrigued by what I've read and will mute the sound during commercials. Let's hope that the outcome of today's Astros-Dodgers game is more positive for the Astros than Adelle's (Debbie Reynold's character) was in the movie!

In other news, my house received some blessed rain last night - thunder and everything ... thanks be! (In fact, at one point - when the lights went out momentarily - I went in search of my flashlight 'just in case'.) I had been watering like crazy. Puddles actually formed, but they have since dissipated. However, the ground is still nice and soft today. Wunderbar!!


Craig Peihopa said...

Never seen this movie but it gives me a feel that I equate similar to bette Davis' Whatever happened to baby Jane, is it like that?

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Craig!

Yes, this movie is of the same ilk as "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", but there are significant differences.

In particular, I was interested in re-watching a dance sequence wherein Dennis Weaver (Adelle's love interest in the film, but who is himself a non-dancer) pays someone (on the sly) to dance the tango with her. A glorious sequence, and absotively and most posilutely too short!

(Am going to take a moment here to see if I can possibly find it on YouTube ... ... forGET YouTube! It's not there, for crying out loud!! OK. I'll take some more time to try and find any clips from "What's the Matter with Helen?" ... ... again, forGET YouTube! ... ... I'm going to try next Debbie Reynolds' disco/filmography. Let's see what happens with that! ... ... forget THAT angle! So frustrating, Craig, SO frustrating!!)

Imo, it's worth seeing the film just to watch that single dance sequence (and it comes somewhat early on in the film - 'blink and you miss it') ... ... it's beautiful! (As is the unfolding love story between 'Adelle' [Debbie's character] and that played by Dennis Weaver.

Sorry I couldn't provide with you with any actual visuals, Craig. You'll just have to view the film for yourself. :(

And btw? There's NO comparison between "Whatever Happened to ..." and "What's the Matter ..." ... ... the former is a MUCH more powerful film! However, as you have never seen the latter, I recommend that you rent and view it - at least once! THEN, I'd be interested in hearing your reaction/s.

Craig Peihopa said...

I will go on the hunt for it Goldenrod. !