Friday, July 24, 2009

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy ... ...

... but this is one of the funniest home videos I've ever seen!

Why ever did Chuck choose to post this on his site? (I have no idea - maybe he's planning a wedding? ... you'd have to ask him, but I'm so glad that he did!)

Doesn't this kind of remind you - more than a little bit, probably - of a couple of videos on YouTube of staged group dancing in various bus or train terminals around the world? In particular, the one I'm thinking about occurred in London this past January. Here it is (that is, if I haven't done something really stupid with my computer's memory banks) ... ...

There's another one, too, that I saw recently, but I can't find it. Oh well, you get the idea, I'll betcha!

I just got off the phone with Evelyn Berger, one of my regular bridge partners, and we have scheduled a date to play this coming Monday.

While we were on the phone, she was telling me stories of some of her recent mishaps, and I interrupted her by saying, "Stop, Evelyn! I just can't take notes fast enough!! Can you possibly write some of these down between now and Monday and then I'll put them in my blog (sans her name, of course!)?"

She said "Yes, I can!" Don't you just love it? Rrvit, rrvit and rrvit some more!!

Wonderful woman! She thinks she's old and doddering and that her stories have only to do with her age. No, no and no again, Evelyn! Your stories are timeless and have nothing to do with age, I can guarantee you!! (And you, my dear readers, will have some absolutely delightful stories to look forward to.)

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Tammy said...

Oh Gooooooldenrod.....I absolutely loved this. Kayla and I smiled through the whole video.

Thank you for posting it. Off to add it to my blog. :)

Again, thank you. This made my day!