Friday, July 24, 2009

In lieu of responding to comments on my previous post ...

... I thought I'd do an additional one. It won't be terribly long, I promise, but there might be some others out there who are interested in what I have to say.

First off, Tammy, the only reason that any of the rest of us are 'still in the hunt' in the National League's Central division is the fact that your Cardinals have been playing only .500 ball in the past month, month and a half or so!

[I need only reference the Rockies' and Braves' valiant efforts to at least come a little closer - forGET overtaking! - to the #1 teams in their own divisions (the Dodgers in the West and Phillies in the East, respectively). The best that each can hope for now, reasonably, is a wild card berth.]

When you're ten games below .500 - and are the doormats for your division, as my Astros were at the end of May, you can only hope and dream that your team acquits itself enough better in subsequent games that the record will ultimately show that your team was not the 'worst of the worst'.

Traditionally, the Astros have been a 'second half' (after the All Star break) team, but the hole we dug for ourselves this year was so far down!!

I know that Chuck moans and groans a lot about his Cubs, but I have a really hard time feeling sorry for someone whose team has already won a World Series - and I don't give a flip how long ago it was, either. I mean, give me a break here!

And no, we didn't sweep the Cardinals for your team's sake, Chuck! Right now we are fighting tooth and nail - and playing some pretty good baseball, I might add. These next ten days or so will be really telling, won't they? Pins and needles all the way!

I wrote - somewhat proudly, in my post of July 14th, that my Astros were now at .500. That was a huge accomplishment, actually! Took them a month and a half to get there, but they did it!!

That last statement, btw, should give everyone a pretty good idea of how long it takes to make up deficits. Those teams who are currently eight or more games back of first place in their division are, for all practical purposes, out of the playoff picture. That sounds harsh, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's true.

I'm sorry, Steven, that your Jays have re-upped their prescription for mid-season-doldrums. What a downer that must be for you! Year after year after year? Ugh!!

Later, gators!


steven said...

hi goldenrod, i love consistency but not this kind!!!! it'd be nice if the jays could even make the playoffs!!! however, it's sport and so i shouldn't take it too too seriously huh?!!! steven

Goldenrod said...

Not this year for your team, I'm afraid, Steven. Not this year for MY team, either, unless we play better these next ten days than we did the last two!