Friday, July 31, 2009

More limericks?!?

This post will be a combination of limericks and recommendations.

There once was a young man named Chuck
Who shaved the hairs once running amok

Most recently he has sat
In a chair with his fat cat

Reading the very latest in junk!

I first heard of Chuck while cruising the net almost a year and a half ago, and had the opportunity to 'catch an eyeball' (a CB term) on him this past January when he was in Houston.

Chuck is an avid outdoorsman and has more than one blogsite. You probably remember my mentioning his name before. (And yes! He is the Cubs fan from the north who often seems to be in a terrible stew about his team. Poor baby!)

I doubt if he reads much "junk", btw. (His life is quite full and that is no bull ... ... oh, stop it already, Goldenrod!)

The latest entry of his that I'd like you to see is this one. It's a really unique performance by an orchestra group that he titled "Indoor Rain?". DO close your eyes when listening to this! The only thing that I found the slightest bit distracting was the audience's loud applause towards (but not at!) the very end, which I could have done without.

However, after I hit "Publish Post" I'll probably go back and listen to it again. It's great!

There once was a young philatelist named Steve
Who had more than one trick up his sleeve

His posts are infrequent
But most often decent

And filled with just delightful reverie!

I discovered Steve in January this year from "Absolute Write", a blogsite for aspiring writers.

He has left a few comments on my posts ... vice versa with me on his. The one I'd like to recommend for you today is this one, where he talks about how he is as smart as a first grader. It's funny! I love his realistic approach to life and self-deprecating sense of humor.

There once was a home-schooling mom
Who thought her life was just "Ho hum"

Little did she know
That sirens would soon blow

And all the rage her street would become!

This is Tammy, of course, my oldest and dearest blogger friend, who 'tells it like it is'. For photos of what caused all the rumpus, go here.

My latest (and last) recommendation - again via limerick - is this one ... ...

There once was a young man with a journal
Who tried to encapsulize his life in a kernel

Of wisdom, note jottings and more
Little did he know what was in store

For him on down the road that we now know as 'eternal'!

Steven is keeping a journal. Have you ever done so? As far back as I can remember, I have not! (At least, not to this extent.)

Check out this post, where he shares two personal entries. It might take you awhile to wade through all of the comments section*, if you choose to take that route, but I recommend that you do so. (You can skip through mine, if you wish.)

*One of the many reasons I enjoy Steven's site so much is that - normally, when you leave a comment, he responds in kind.

Talk atcha!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy my blog and thanks for the funny limerick.


steven said...

hi goldenrod, thanks for the link and thanks for the extra limericks. i know the kids i teach love learning how to write them and have a natural penchant for biting witticisms that usually include me!! i wish i'd kept some of them instead of sending them home for their parents to enjoy! have a lovely evening down there!! steven

Tammy said...

Hahahaha, these are GREAT, Goldenrod! What a fun treat to read. :)