Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scattered thoughts

Baseball ... I'll have a post and a half for y'all Monday! Have been following everything pretty closely the past 10 days or so. There'll be some good stories in there, including the 52-minute "bee delay" in San Diego.

Bridge - mentoring ... I'll be off shortly to mentor someone new ... (somebody or another) Prasad. Wonder if Prasad is similar to Jones or Smith in this country? Game starts at 10:30, and think I've just got time to finish and publish this little post before leaving.

Bridge - teaching ...Met with my newest private students last night for our second session. Had a great lesson! Came home just 'higher than a kite', as is often the case with me after a good interactive class.

They were excited about their upcoming backpacking trip to Colorado. I told them I wanted to hear all about it after our next class ... we'll do two hours of intensive bridge stuff, and then relax for a few minutes afterwards while they entertain me with stories (some of which might even be true!) and allow me to do some vicarious living.

We won't be meeting again until July 29th - a Wednesday instead of Tuesday evening this next time. That's one of the HUGE pluses of private classes ... flexibility of schedule. Another huge plus is the individual attention that can be given. Often some restructuring of the subject matter is made to accommodate each student's needs. It's challenging, but very rewarding!

Rainfall ... We are dry, dry, dry! Some parts of Houston have received some beneficial raindrops, but not this area. So, last night before I left the house, I started the sprinkler in the backyard. I figured the yard could really use a few hours' worth of a good soaking, but I anticipated having to wade through a few puddles upon my return.

No puddles - not even a teeny one! I was astounded!! The ground soaked all of that good wet stuff up like there was no tomorrow. I probably could have left the sprinkler on for a while longer, but didn't want to forget it was on when I hit the pillow. Will do some more tonight and again tomorrow night ... these times in the front yard, which is browning out like crazy. Boy, do we need rain!

Gotta go! The shower beckons, and then I'm outta here!! Will probably do another post later today, but no promises. Beth sent me an e-mail that I'd like to share, plus I have a couple of other things on the back burner. Talk atcha!


Craig Peihopa said...

Prasad, I think it is like Jones! No puddles from the sprinkler, wow. We are just ever so slightly coming out of a very long drought. We are in the start of winter and there is still not enough rain to fully quench the ground. Apart from the fact until 2 weeks ago if you washed your car with a hose or washed down your driveway with a hose you could be fined $200. that has now been relaxed at least. But water is a commodity that this country does not have shared equally, especially with two thirds of the country is desert! As always you are busy! Take care Goldenrod.

steven said...

in my community we have a summer watering restriction that goes back i don't know how many years - every second day you can water. the fine if you're caught being bad - fifty bucks! thanks to the change in our climate, i haven't used a sprinkler for a couple of years.
boy oh boy are you one busy woman or what?!!!!
by the way i see in the power rankings that the jays are nineteenth with a red arrow pointing to the nether regions of our planet!!! oh no!!!!

Goldenrod said...

Yeah, I agree, Craig, on "WOW" to no puddles from the sprinkler. I know you guys have been experiencing a long drought - and have been for some time now ... not to mention last year (or was it earlier this year?), when you had a criminally-liable firebug seemingly rampaging wherever and whenever he felt like it through whatever was combustible! Btw, did they ever catch that guy?!? (And geez, I hope it was a 'guy' and not a 'gal'!) Horrible, that was, just horrible!!

As you know, I'm a smoker, but have in the past few weeks taken special care to NOT throwing my 'almost-extinguished' cigarette out of the car window when driving.

Steven, I'm really glad that you are enjoying such a plethora of rainfall resulting in your being able to enjoy all of the colors in the universe in which you revel. Your posts make me 'feel good', generally, and I thank you for them.

As far as your Jays are concerned, what's up with that? I'm not due for another 'sports' post until Monday, but there's talk - pure down and out "gossip", let's face it - all over the radiowaves about your star pitcher being on the trading block.

Any truth to those rumors? Does your owner not give a ****? (If he doesn't, why should YOU ... right?)

Btw, guys, my partner and I came in second today, and she asked that I be her mentor for next month - always the second Wednesday, so it'll be August 12th. A warm fuzzy.

Craig Peihopa said...

Hey Goldenrod, yes they did catch HIM. He is charged, a former part time volunteer fire fighter no less. Strange. Glad you are taking care before turfing the butts out the window. Love your posts.