Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday morning

About three hours ago I ate some of a fresh batch of chili, which was particularly appropriate since we have experienced nearly a 50-degree drop in temperature readings in the last day and a half. Brrr!

Then I checked in with some of my favorites, and was delighted to see a blog post that included sacred music by Russian composer Georgii Sviridov. I feel a great sense of peace whenever I listen to this wonderfully inspirational music. There is a quiet reverence throughout, and I view it full screen while listening. The photography is glorious!

That piece reminds me a little of a Gregorian chant, which is a form of plainsong whose origins are a bit hazy. Certainly it was commonly found in Monastic orders. Some very early sheet music still exists and here, scripted in square notation from the 14th-15th century, is the Introit Gaudeamus Omnes.

Wiki has an extensive writeup on the history of Gregorian chants in case you're intrigued and want to learn more. If you'd like to hear a couple of other Russian Orthodox chants, as sung by monks and metropolitan choirs of Kiev, go to Steven's post and scroll down to the second video. Thank you, Steven, for re-awakening my awareness of this genre!

Meanwhile, here's the Gregorian chant Benedictinos. As with the first video, the photography is lovely and full screen viewing while you're listening is highly recommended.

Because I was up cooking very early this morning, I'll be hitting the pillow again shortly. While I was up and at 'em, however, I happened to catch a movie I've seen only once before. I like it!

It's called "Morgan's Ferry" and its most well-known star is Kelly McGillis, a "lonely middle-aged Southerner" (Vonee) whose remote farm three escaped convicts enter uninvited. The story revolves around their efforts to get to the ferry and out of the state before the Sheriff can catch up with them, her independence and indomitableness, and a most unlikely romance between Sam - one of the escapees, played by Billy Zane (a 'hunk') - and her.

Roscoe Lee Browne, who plays "Pebo" - a blind man who has a mule and wagon and does grocery shopping for Vonee, turns in an excellent performance. It's a great story. Not the most happy of endings, but very satisfying overall.

Now, tonight I'll be glued to my television set watching "Rain Man" for only the second time ever. Won't that be a treat? Can you believe it's been 21 years since this movie first came out?!? I'm gettin' old, folks.

Hope your Sunday is starting out well. Talk atcha later!


Craig Peihopa said...

what a busy Sunday morning, and what a different topic, i really enjoyed it. Hmmm, I am not into chili much but glad you like it, though I DO want to try that grape salad you refer to often. I love the flavour of your varied posts

Tammy said...

Rain Man...that was a good one.

Hey, are you anywhere near those fires buring in Texas? Heard about them on the news tonight and wondered about you...

Goldenrod said...

Thanks, Craig. What'd you think about the photography on those two videos? (Especially the first one!)

I'm still into grape salad withdrawal here. Don't remember having this problem last year!

I almost posted a PS after watching "Rain Man". What an actor Dustin Hoffman is! I didn't remember his brother treating him so abominably at first.

Nowhere near the fires. We've been lucky so far. We're short on rainfall, and burn bans are in effect throughout much of the state. I don't recall the last rain of any significance. Was probably back in early January.

Nothing like Australia's 8-year drought. I can't imagine trying to survive conditions like that!

Craig Peihopa said...

Rain Man - Qantas is still the safest airline, though 3 of its new A380 airbus planes are grounded from last night because they have fuel rot in the tanks. Well I never!

Yes, the drought is bad, and believe it or not, today they are saying has every potential to be the same devastating heat as Black Saturday 3 weeks ago when 209 people lost their liives. The fires are still not out!

Then in Sydney we had another Mauling of a boys leg by a shark, we have had 5 attacks this summer.
What a postcard for Australia!

Goldenrod said...

Hang in there, Craig! No one - at least not THIS one!! - is judging Australia by the number of shark attacks or fires. Your postcards still look good to me.

I can't believe you remember that Qantas quote from the movie! What a memory you have!!

(I haven't heard that expression, "Well I never!" in years, Craig! How old did you say you were?!?)

Craig Peihopa said...

old enough!!

steven said...

hi goldenrod, hey russian sacred music on goldenrod's blog!!!! wow!! grape salad not up to snuff?!! what's going on with the world. well goldenrod my brain's felt like a bad scrabble hand for the past two weeks - can't seem to get much of a clear head. i wonder if it's all the extra sun that's suddenly come our way. the snow has almost all gone. there's talk of rain this friday and the kids (the ones i teach) well they're snaky as all get out. i think spring's coming!!!!

Goldenrod said...

Steven, there wouldn't even have BEEN any Russian sacred music on my blog had it not been for yours! Rrvit!!

What age do you teach, anyway? I'm thinking junior high-type, high school even, but I don't recall your ever having said. You spoke about your 'brains being in a scramble/scrabble' ... ... do you guys get a "spring break" like we do here in the States?

As far as my problems with the grape salad are concerned, I think there's a conspiracy at work here. Each day this continues to go on I'm thinking more and more like I really should attempt that recipe myself!