Friday, March 27, 2009

National Geographic news

Precious, just precious. Take a look at this adorable picture of clouded leopard cubs.

They were born just a couple of weeks ago - the first litter in sixteen years - at a conservation center in Virginia. You can read the complete story here. For actual footage of one of the babies being bottle fed, be sure to scroll down to the very bottom of the article.

Another article in today's newsletter features a lion whisperer, per se, who works on a private reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa.

An animal behaviorist, Kevin discovered at a very early age that he had a remarkable gift for communicating and interacting with animals.

Wanting to see more than the very short video that National Geographic provided, I went to YouTube and did a search for "lion whisperer". Here's what I found ... ...

That's certain to be included among the "Don't try this at home, kids!" admonitions.


Craig Peihopa said...

I LOVE animals. I have patted a lion and tiger and found it to be a thrilling experience. Hearing a tiger purr is an amazing moment. I have also patted just slightly a snow leopard as well. You can have a picture in Australias National zoo with live leopards, but it costs an arm and a leg. Bout $300, but what a feeling. These little critters are so cute, but they grow!

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Craig!

Did you enlarge that photo and see the size and razor-appearing sharpness of those claws?

Only $300 a photo?!? The Austrailian National Zoo probably pays more than that per picture just for the insurance!!

(Sorry I haven't responded to your comment sooner. I've been busy writing taxicab memoirs and - truth be told - a few other things have cropped up, as well. A lot on my mind these days. There'll not be a post from me today. Maybe not tomorrow, either. I'm OK. Just a lot going on.)

Craig Peihopa said...

glad to hear you are doing fine Goldenrod. look forward to your posts anytime.

Anonymous said...

I am a total cat lover. I also saw this and it is really amazing. Once while visiting the San Diego Zoo with my daughter we got to pet a Clouded Leopard. They are probably one of the most beautiful and elusive cats in the world.

I think the fascination is they are almost identical in appearance and certainly in behaviors as the ones we have padding around our houses.


Goldenrod said...

Good to hear from you, Steve. I knew that you were a cat lover from way back. What I found most interesting about your comment was the fact that you found them almost identical in appearance. So did I. Hmmph! I wonder how one could even begin to distinguish between them. Hmmm ... ...

I'm a little jealous that you and your daughter both got to pet one. I've never even SEEN one!