Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a couple of things ...

... while I have a few minutes before I have to leave for another mentoring session at the bridge studio.

I had the weirdest thing happen last night. It was between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. I wasn't here at the computer. I don't remember what I was doing exactly, but all of a sudden I heard this fairly loud what I can best describe as an electrical sound ... not 'zapping', but more like a droning or humming. I muted the sound on the television. Still there. I turned the television off. Still there.

I thought, "My God!" Immediately I began going from room to room trying to isolate the source of the sound, all the while sniffing like crazy and looking somewhat frantically around for flames. I had my cell phone at the ready, just in case I had to call 911.

The sound never got louder. Just stayed constant. I even started to climb the stairs to the attic, but it wasn't coming from up there either. It was everywhere, actually. The darndest thing!

Then, just as I opened the back door to see if it was any louder outside, it stopped.

Now, I've been in a tornado. Tornadoes have a very distinct sound, not unlike that of what you might imagine a freight train would sound like coming right at you. Very loud. Scary as all get out. And there's a smell. Dirty. Not like a garbage dump or an overflowing toilet. More like everything all mashed together and being blown or carried around in this horrendous swirl of dust.

I watched two different local news reports a bit later, fully expecting to hear about a tornado touching down somewhere in this area. Nothing. One had touched down in Huntsville, but that's many miles to our north. Hmph! Weird, huh?

I talked to my daughter, who lives about 15 miles west and a touch north of me, earlier today and asked her if she'd heard anything similar her direction. Nope. Just rain and wind.

Rain. Did your mind register what you just read? Wunderbar! Sorely needed. Right now my back yard has many standing puddles of the wet stuff. Those puddles won't be around long. They'll be quickly gobbled up by the parched ground.

It's probably been an hour or so now since I looked outside. Think I'll sneak out and take another peek. Hang on for a sec while I do so, OK? ... ... Just as I thought. Only one little puddle left. Smells nice and fresh outside. Glorious, glorious rain.

Gotta go. Talk atcha tomorrow, probably.


Craig Peihopa said...

my neighbours think I am crazy, when it rains I am often to be seen standing tall and proud in it, there is a special feeling when those drops seep through the clothes and drench you. It is not fun when you are going somewhere but when I choose it, I love being standing in the rain.

Lady Di said...

The same storms revealed to me that I am suffering from a sort of Post Traumatic Syndrome after Ike. Another friend verified that she and many others are very uneasy when we hear sounds and experience weather similar to what we endured curled up in bathrooms or closets during Ike. I had no damage after this same storm golden girl, but I did not sleep well at all....

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Lady Di, and welcome!

You sound like a Houstonian.

I wasn't curled up in a bathroom or closet during Ike, but I was more than a little nervous about my back patio roof, which is attached to my home. I've been in this townhouse over thirty years now, and that patio has been here slightly longer than that.

My daughter invited me to sit out the storm at their house in Katy, but - if something were to detach itself from my house, I wanted to be here to call 911 if necessary. Not that I expected that help might immediately be on the way, but I wanted to at least be here to try and protect my property.