Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Testing digital

Local television stations have scheduled three different time slots today when they will briefly switch from analog to digital so that viewers can check to see if their sets are digitally capable. That's a good thing.

My set will not be. DSL and I discussed this much earlier this year, and we decided - rather than get a converter box - that I should just go ahead and purchase a new set in February, just before everything turns to snow on mine.

Now, I could have gone the converter box route. Coupons worth $40 each are available free from the government, two per household, which means that - depending on where you shop - the cost for same would then be little or nothing.

My set isn't that old, but it's not very big, either. It sits on part of my kitchen table, where I do paperwork, puzzles, mending, etc., while I'm watching. I wouldn't want to be sitting across the room from it to try and enjoy my favorite programs. There's no need to, really. I mean, I live by myself and its size is just perfect for my needs.

I do not have cable. If I did, theoretically my set would be 'OK'. The same should hold true for those of you who have cable. I hope that your local television station/s has/have plans to schedule testing time slots for their viewers.


Tammy said...

Our tv was just a tiny one (12 inch or so??) and this past summer we decided we might as well upgrade to a larger one since our small one wouldn't work in 2009 anyway. We specifically bought a DIGITAL 27 inch (still fairly small I suppose) and brought it home. It has worked wonderfully. Our local tv stations here did a digital test a couple of weeks ago, and guess what? Our new DIGITAL tv doesn't work with the system that will be in place in February! So be really careful when buying a tv that says DIGITAL. It still may not work in a couple of months.

We don't have cable or satelite either, but we very rarely watch tv anyway...other than dvds and PBS cooking shows on I don't think we'll buy a converter box, get cable, OR buy a different tv. I doubt my family will even notice the local stations are gone, lol!

Goldenrod said...

You bought it just last summer? Take it back, Tammy, and demand one that IS digitally-capable!! It's still under warranty, isn't it? Even if it isn't, they (whomever you bought it from) should certainly replace it with what you intended to buy in the first place. I'd raise a real 'stink' with this one!

Tammy said...

I would except the 60 day warranty had expired before our local stations did their digital test. The store wouldn't let us return it.

Walmart...need I say more????