Friday, December 5, 2008

Car Sickness

"jabo" left a comment yesterday on a post I published May 17th, "Car troubles" . Do you remember that one, by any chance?

It was extra long, even by my standards, and started out with a simple grease and oil change, moving on to an alert mechanic, problems getting a rental car, scheduling customer pickups to/from the airports, credit card and online questions, etc. It was a pretty good post, I thought, and I had a lot of fun re-reading it. It brought back vivid memories of that very long day!

His comment, which you can read for yourself if you go back to that post, focused on the need for maintaining one's car to try and avoid even more costly repairs in the future. Spot on, of course, but the comment made me think of a poem I thought I remembered writing many years ago.

I finally found it! Here it is, written 3/18/81, titled as above ...

Oh, I wish that I could say to one & all,
"My car has given me no trouble, to my recall!"

Here I sit, at Mac's AAA Garage,
Waiting for Butch & his entourage

Of never-ending patience with my car's many ills ...
Clutch, lighter, brakes, tires, radio, shocks ... it gives one the chills!

Sometimes I am tempted to sell this beast
Of burden. Poor thing! Then, I think, "At least

It has gotten me through this far,
Perhaps I don't need another car

Just yet." What do you think?
Has it finally reached the brink

Of extinction from this earth,
No longer what it once was worth?

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