Sunday, December 7, 2008

Favorite Christmas music ... #1 ...

A few years ago, I seized upon the opportunity to go and hear Mannheim Steamroller in person at the Toyota Center here in Houston.

I was introduced to their music by Rush Limbaugh, actually, long before that, and had three CDs of their Christmas music that I would play - over and over again - when I was driving a cab. In fact, one time I had one of theirs playing when a policeman came over and wanted to know what radio station I had on so that he could listen in his own car!

I am pleased to share with you now Mannheim Steamroller's version of "Silent Night" as I heard it in person. You may want to close your eyes while you listen if you find the visuals too distracting. Here it is ... ...


This was initially scheduled to be published last Sunday, but I couldn't get the YouTube link to work properly. I'll be posting #2 in this series in just a few minutes.


Tammy said...

Mannheim of our family favorites too! That's amazing you got to see them in person; I'm glad you didn't pass up the opportunity.

YAY! You were able to get the YouTube video to upload. :)

Goldenrod said...

I only like Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music - the rest of their stuff not so much.

Seeing and hearing them in person was extra special. They put on quite a show. At one point in the concert there were these huge gray drapes upon which were projected images of horses and carriages going through the snow. Really magical.

The YouTube version pf "Silent Night" I chose doesn't haven't the same visuals as those I saw. There is a version with the same visuals, but they're too distracting - weren't at all distracting at the concert - there was an elaborate small village set up on the ground floor with a track and train that circled it -- also, the violin cannot be heard quite as distinctly and poignantly on the accurate visual version. It's not quite right on this version, either, but it's close. I'll never forget the sound of the violin that evening - just took my breath away, it was so beautiful!

Couldn't get the HTML setup to work at all as you suggested - went back to my old Compose mode, and just kept deleting everything that was highlighted when it said why it couldn't publish until it finally DID publish! :)

Still have that kind of annoying "> at the bottom of each that I don't think should be there, but at least they published!