Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday scatterings

Favorite Christmas music ...

I spent most of what idle time I had yesterday going through my previous notes on whatall I wanted to include in this series and listening to song after song on YouTube.

Originally, I thought that I would post Gene Autry's rendition of "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" on Christmas Eve. It's far and away my favorite version of that tune. In fact, I had already selected the exact video recording that I would publish.

But then, as I kept listening and watching, I decided to go a very different direction - one I thought more in keeping with the meaning of Christmas, and Rudolph just didn't fit into the mix. (Sorry, Rudolph!) And so, beginning at 8pm CST on the 24th - the scheduled publish time - you will be able to view my final choice.

Then, continuing from there on through Christmas Day, I have three more scheduled ... one at 6am, another at noon, and the third at 6pm. Eight in this series altogether. There were so many from which to choose! I had a really hard time pinning myself down.

Sunday morning ...

Does the name Kristin Chenoweth ring a bell? There was a segment featuring her this morning on Charles Osgood's show. While I was watching I thought, "Geez, she looks familiar. Isn't she one of the regulars on 'Pushing Daisies'?" (That's a show I watch with some frequency and yes, she is.) She has a really interesting life story. I wasn't more than 1% aware of her background until I watched his show today. Fascinating!

As usual, he had all sorts of good 'stuff' to share, including an extensive interview with Dustin Hoffman, who's been one of my favorite actors for many a moon. I thought we were about the same age and we are, except I've got him beat by a little over a month and a half. Now, that interview was fun! He has a wonderful sense of humor.

He talked about how he flunked out of Santa Monica College during his first year there, but yet they called upon him a few years ago to ask if he could help with their fund-raising efforts for some sort of center for theatrical studies on campus. They told him his name was the only one of note that they could find in the phone book. He said, "But I didn't graduate from there." They said they didn't care. Would he help? He said that he would.

When the building was near completion and names for it were being considered, he nixed the suggestion that his name be put on the building. However, his name appears on one of the rooms inside the building - that of the backstage restroom - and Dustin proudly showed off that little area on this morning's program. Rrvit! Don't you just love it?

He said that he had always wanted to be a jazz pianist. Did you know that? I didn't. When he was in his 20's, he composed the musical score for "Shoot the Breeze". Bette Midler added lyrics years later, and part of the feature this morning showed Dustin playing the piano while Sting sang the lyrics.

He is such a talented actor! I was reminded of some of my favorites of his. Three stand out in my mind ... "Tootsie", "Midnight Cowboy", and "Rainman". I know, I know, there were many others, but those are my favorites!

I will probably come back another time and do a separate post on something he said about divorce and ending relationships. Don't look for it until after the holidays, although I could surprise myself and tackle it before then. It will be very introspective.

I recommend ...

Steven is having a good time right now posting things he began planning for a few weeks ago, and I'd like to recommend a couple ... ...

... A three-part series on Truman Capote's short story, "A Christmas Memory" -- part one published Friday, part two yesterday, and (I'm assuming) part three will be later today.

... In addition, he has re-visited Mr. Bean. Remember this bumbling fool? Earlier today he began showing "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean". Don't know how many parts there will be to this one. Make sure you're sitting down while you're watching these, OK?

Weather ...

I'm not talking about Houston's weather, although we have dropped 30+ degrees within the past 24 hours. If I tell you that the current temperature is in the 40's, will that give you an idea of why I wasn't mentioning our weather recently?

No, I'm talking about Boston's weather. My son-in-law flew there Thursday to attend the annual Christmas/holiday festivities/family reunion. He arrived there OK, but the weather precluded him from getting to his final destination.

I don't know if he has been stuck at the airport since then, in a nearby hotel, or what! He hasn't been able to see his father, who's in his mid-90's, and is more than ready to come back home today except all of the flights have been cancelled!!

I seem to recall a very similar thing happening last year at this time, except that - somehow, on that occasion, he at least was able to see his Boston family and then finagle (perhaps even through devious means, who knows?) his way back here.

How awful! Absolutely dreadful news!!

Well, that's it for today. Talk atcha later!

PS. Either I'm not listening at all attentively or I am terribly uninformed. It's one or the other. Whatever the reason, I have to add an amendment to this post. My daughter told me - just within the past half hour or so (it's now going on 2pm) - that her husband did indeed arrive at his father's home, but that they were unable to attend the festivities on Saturday (nor were many other family members!) due to a snowstorm that is continuing as I write this addendum. The very earliest that he can possibly be back here in 'God's country' is tomorrow. He had to upgrade to a 1st class ticket for Tuesday, and will be spending all of tomorrow on 'standby' at Logan Airport. At least that's what my daughter told me. Yuk! Double yuk!!

PPS. It's now going on 3pm. Just spoke on the phone with my son-in-law and wished him a merry ho-ho just in case he didn't get back before then. He didn't sound all that concerned, actually, tho I'm sure he is! He sounded nice and warm, and wasn't at all sure that he would be spending tomorrow at the airport. Thought he might just stay with his dad and spend all day watching television. Rrvit!


Craig Peihopa said...

good post, I will watch for the ending relationships and Divorce info that Dustin spoke off. Not that I am planning that, but I am interested to hear his ideas and thoughts, he is a person that does not do too many interviews and therefore would have been interesting.

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Craig! Dustin Hoffman's comment - which I diligently wrote down and am keeping to quote later in a fairly serious post - doesn't really fit any of my situations/experiences, but might yours (who knows, right?).

I agree that one does not often hear/see many of his interviews. I felt lucky to be among those who saw that segment. Am sorry you missed it.

Good to hear from you, by the way!