Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking for Secret Santas

The Society of Secret Santas is an anonymous group of individuals throughout the world, performing random acts of kindness to those less fortunate. Using their own resources and without a tax deduction, these leaders share their wealth with those in need. They give from their hearts, remaining forever anonymous.

Secret Santas share the following characteristics and values:

Anonymity ... They do not draw attention to themselves and strive to protect their personal identity and those of other Secret Santas.

Leadership ... They lead by example.

Humility ... Through belief in the human spirit, they share their wealth in a humble, selfless way.

Compassion ... Through random acts of kindness, they tap into the human spirit and try to create in the recipient hope and a belief that they are worthy of unconditional love.

Humor ... They would rather lose every dime they ever made than lose their sense of humor.

Friendship ... They value their association with people of like mind and character; they are each a true Elf.

Did you know that there actually exists, officially, a Society of Secret Santas? I did not.

I'm pretty sure I've heard the term 'secret Santa' nearly all of my life, but did not - until just this morning - know of this organization.

It was founded in 1979 by one Larry Stewart, who kept his identity hidden until he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2006.

There appears to be an ever increasing number of organizations wanting to affiliate themselves with this group. This is just one among the many.

The idea of such a philanthropic organization embodies the true spirit of Christmas, does it not?


Craig Peihopa said...

it certainly does embody that spirit. What a great idea, and society, created to do good without drawing attention to themselves. Wow, imagine if we could get some of them into politics, it would change the world.

Goldenrod said...

Dream on, me boy, dream on! :)

steven said...

there's a guy comes to my school every year. he has no children at the school, never attended the school - but - he leaves gift certificates for groceries every year for six families to see them through the holidays. no one but me knows who he is.
despite the apparent cynicism of the times, i have come into contact with more people like him as each year passes.
thanks for a great post goldenrod - you've put together a fantastic string of great posts for some time now!!!!

Goldenrod said...

Appreciate the compliment, Steven. Thank you!

Good people are everywhere, aren't they? My friend Jacky wrote that there's 'someone' in Lafayette, Indiana passing out $100 bills. That's the denomination Secret Santas use. I was delighted to hear of that and of your anonymous donor.