Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Universal Sports,

I think (!?), is the name of a new digital channel here on local television. (You kind of have to remember that I don't have cable.)

Recently, I have been treated to previews of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, in addition to "Grand Prix" figure skating competitions from around the world, in which both the individual and pairs skaters are vying for a spot on their country's Olympic team. Wonderful, wonderful!

Tonight, however, I will definitely forego watching the speedskating events. That's about all that's showing on that channel. I mean, folks, those suits leave absolutely NOTHING to one's imagination in re the genital department. Come on now, give me a break, will ya please?? (And people thought men's ballet tights were bad. They've got nothing on those speed skaters!)

Within the last couple of weeks, tho, I have been fortunate enough to view various recaps of Ironman Triathlons from the past few years. Up until 39.2 (this local digital channel) showed up, I had never even heard of such a competition. Had you?

Oh, man! Talk about grueling!! This competition, which takes place annually in Hawaii all in the span of one day, combines a 2.4 mile swim fb (followed by) a 112 mile bike ride fb a 26 mile 385 yard marathon ... all without a break, I want you to know. Can you believe such a thing?

Lots and lots of really interesting stories here, including one of a 76-year-old nun who was competing in her 20th Ironman* event! Incredible, just incredible!! Btw, she finished - these events are timed - with only one minute to go. Good on her, wouldn't you say?

*Wiki has a very nice writeup on the Ironman competition. If you'd like to read or learn more about it, please go here.

Meanwhile, of course, I'm sitting here on my 'you know what' doing very little. I mentored at the studio earlier today with one of my two regulars. She's coming along very nicely. What's happening your way?


Chuck said...

There are triathalons all over the place, of various distances for the 3 events. The Ironman is the grandaddy of them all and the most arduous. It takes immense athleticism and extreme dedication to train and compete in the Ironman!

Polimom said...

So are you saying that you'd watch speedskating if your imagination was left a little room to play? LOL!

Goldenrod said...

I became interested in speed skating when my daughter competed as a youngster in Ohio many, many years ago. (In fact, at one point, before we moved down here to Houston, she was ranked 4th in that state.)

She and I both watched and oohed ('grimaced', more like, at least in MY case!) in recent years as the outfits got more and more tight and revealing. I mean, ye gods and little fishhooks here!

No, Polimom, no. Even in SPITE of the fact that I developed an interest in speed skating early, I no longer have any interest whatsoever in watching that event. You, on the other hand, are more than welcome to watch as often as you please. LOL

And Chuck? As far as I am concerned, YOU are an 'Ironman', with all that you've been through with your back.

Thank you both for your comments. :)

Goldenrod said...

Or should I have said 'neck', Chuck?

The Bug said...

Now here you go just highlighting my slothfulness. I just joined a weight watchers challenge group to to TEN minutes of exercise a day. Ten! We're going to work up to 30 minutes a day, but we know our limitations LOL.

Goldenrod said...

Ten minutes of exercise a day, huh? Too funny, Bug. (However, I will freely admit that it's 10 more minutes of exercise each day than what I put in!)