Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Indiana stop

I just cannot go another second without posting this one, folks!

Years and years ago, when I lived in Indiana, I was often slightly - sometimes more than just slightly - appalled when my dear friend, Jacky, with whom I was riding as a passenger at the time, made what I came to think of as an "Indiana stop".

Do you know what that is? It is what happens when, upon coming to a 4-way stop, you just barely tap on your brakes and then cruise right on through the intersection. She did this more times than I'd care to try and recount. And always without incident!

[She might term it a "rolling" stop, I don't know.]

Well, tonight - coming back home from Randall's and Luby's, where I got some of the world's best vegetable soup to go - I saw the alltime record-holder for rolling/Indiana stops danged near get his comeuppance (and a banged-up car in the process).

The light was red. I was stopped. The person on my right decided to just cruise right on through the intersection, intending to make a right turn, even though the person coming the other way was making a left (on a left turn only green light, I want you to know!)

There was no tap on the brakes, nothing like that, until - all of a sudden - the person 'cruising' decided he'd better stop or he would hit the legal car. (?!?) To compound matters slightly, he had a sheep right behind him, who was hellbent on following him over the cliff.

Lawdy, lawdy! You know what, folks? The very last thing you need when you've made all of the stops on your list and you're really anxious to get back home is to have to stand around and be a witness when the police finally arrive - an hour or two later.

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


steven said...

hi goldenrod - it's kind of hard to look the other way when all that's going on around you isn't it!!! have a lovely day down there. steven

Jacky said...

Hi Goldenrod - I feel a real need to tell you that I now very carefully stop at stop signs! I think that living away from Indiana for 20 years, in a state where some didn't even stop for red lights caused a change in that habit.

Goldenrod said...

Your comment, Steven, prompted my next post - not finished yet - having to do with 'looking the other way'. Was having a little trouble earlier staying on track with it, so I took a break. Will get back to it in a minute, just as soon as I respond to Jacky's comment.

Hi, Jacky! Am not a bit surprised that your driving habits have changed. There wasn't that much traffic back then out in farm country, either. Makes a HUGE difference!! :)

Polimom said...

For the record: I still think "Indiana Stop" when I see somebody roll through without stopping...