Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simon Says ... #2

I first introduced this word game here, on October 24th.

Just to refresh your memory banks ... ... in order to come up with the correct solution at the end, which will be an amusing word or phrase that is apropos to where you started, you must do the steps in the order presented and follow the directions exactly.

As I said in October, it is only rarely that I get these right the first time, so have a little patience with yourself. We had some fun with that first one, didn't we? (Including some hilarious answers.) Let's see how we do with #2.

1. Print the words A KING'S ROBES, omitting the spaces and apostrophe.
2. Delete the central letter.
3. Double the fourth consonant. (When directions like these are given, always assume that they mean starting from the left.)
4. Double the last vowel.
5. Insert a W in the fourth position.
6. Switch the second vowel from the left with the second vowel from the right.
7. Delete the last consonant.
8. Move one R to the left end of the row.
9. Delete the fourth letter from the right.
10. Delete the second consonant from the left.
11. Repeat step 7.
12. Move the last consonant to the right end of the row.
13. Switch the first and last vowels.
14. Switch the fourth and sixth letters.
15. Switch the third and seventh letters.

What did you end up with? If you had REIGN WEAR, I hereby proclaim you an official member* of the Simon Says Solver Club. If you had some sort of gobbledygook? Sorry, you'll have to go back to the beginning and try again. Just go a little slower.

*Tammy, Emily, Katie, Kayla and Bug are already charter members. Do we have any more takers?

Btw, I want everyone to know that "the pig" has been found - this'll be the one especially for Jacky - and will be included in a Simon Says on down the road. It's a little more difficult. I'm trying to present these in order of difficulty, but what's difficult for me might not be for you and vice versa, right?

Meanwhile, happy word puzzle solving, and I'll talk atcha later!


The Bug said...

OK, this one took me FOREVER because I was misreading step #8. Sheesh - slow down & pay attention is right!

Goldenrod said...

Misreading or misinterpreting an early step throws the whole puzzle off, Bug, as you have discovered.

Sometimes, in doing one of these, I'll first briefly look at it and think to myself, "Oh, this one's so easy. I'll just do several steps at once. It won't take me but a minute or two."

Ha! That's usually when I get my comeuppance. And then, becuz I've already looked at a direction and come up with the wrong answer once, I often have a terrible time finding out exactly where I went wrong.

Good for you on getting it right the second time! Aren't these fun? Look for another in December.

Tammy said...

Kayla - grgiwwoaes
Katie - iabbgrok
Emily - reiangewr
Tammy - reignwear

So you'd think the girls would get better at this second puzzle, wouldn't you? lol

The 4 of us in Idaho vote for you making this at least a once a month installment on your blog if not once a week!

Goldenrod said...

The four of you will get your wish on a once-a-month Simon Says posting, Tammy.

As your girls are - obviously - doing these separately (And aren't some of those answers just hilarious?), I recommend that they compare each answer step by step after they've reached their conclusion. (If you haven't already done that.)

Btw, Tammy, I hereby proclaim YOU as the A-#1 Simon Says solver of all time. You not only got the first one right the first time around, but the second one! :)

Tammy said...

Yes, we all work them out on our own pieces of paper, but going through the steps together (just no talking, lol, cuz it makes us laugh to see where we each make our mistakes). Then I work it out with the girls so they can see how the right answer reveals itself.

I love, Love, LOVE these puzzles and logic problems, too. Maybe because they are both step-by-step word problems in which I can see concrete progress being made. ?? Cryptograms and cross word problems make me CRAZY, though, lol.

The girls and I have gotten a kick out of these. Thanks for posting. :)

Tammy said...

By the way...I wanted to say, "What the bleep...?" when I saw the K's answers. ;)'d they come up with grgiwwoaes and iabbgrok??? LOL!