Saturday, November 28, 2009

So, how was YOUR day?

Mine was great! Couldn't have been any better. The temperature outside was just a little chilly, but it's getting to be that time of year, right? Inside their house was a lot of warmth, and I'm not just talking about the fireplace, either.

We ate and ate and then ate some more. I took over some of Beth's delicious fudge that I had made the night before. It's probably all gone now. The last I saw of it, there were maybe a few pieces left and my granddaughter and her friend Jessica were busy grabbing one or two every time they went past the counter.

Sam - you remember Sam, don't you? - has been hibernating in my closet for a few months and I thought I should get him out, grab his clothes, and see what we could come up with in the way of a Thanksgiving outfit for him.

Well, my granddaughter thought Sam should be "Samantha" for the day, so here he/she is ... ...

with bow on head. The photo came out a little dark, but you get the idea. Anyhow, Samantha was at the center of the table while we ate. A nice touch.

As an added plus, Samantha had no fear of being beheaded, defeathered, or any of those bad things that happen to other of her fowl friends. Beth sent me several jokes related to Thanksgiving and turkeys. Thought I'd share a couple with you.

This first one has all the turkeys running around mooing ... ...

... ... and this second (my favorite) shows a woman looking all over for the turkey she is sure she brought home with her! Can you find it? :)

Many games of bananagrams and a few of charades later - I suck at charades! - I was ready to call it a day. Just a fabulous Thanksgiving. Fantabulous!


Tammy said...

Oh Goldenrod, I'm so glad you had such a lovely day. I'm chuckling about Samantha being the table decoration, though. ;)

We had a nice one, too. I'm not writing a post about our Thanksgiving, but we did have a family photo taken that I put on my blog. First photo we've had with all 6 of us in years and years!

Chuck said...


Nancy said...

Are you going to post a recipe for that fudge, by any chance? :-)

Goldenrod said...

I posted Beth's recipe the very next day, Nancy. You didn't comment on it, so perhaps you didn't see it. (?) It's not listed on my sidebar, either, because it's now December and I published that in November.