Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had the most wonderful day today.

Beth and I met over on the boardwalk in Kemah where we had lunch just a few months ago and we both ordered the very same things. Beth had cerviche and iced tea, and I had my delicious handmade and shaken Margarita with snapper, shrimp, veggies, rice and all that sort of wonderful stuff for my entree.

Ho, boy! We left there pleasantly full, carrying our doggie bags (for our nonexistent doggies).

The place was really crowded, but we had an excellent waitress. We've decided we'll go again over the Christmas season. I just wish it wasn't such a long ways over there. Close to 50 miles - each way - from my house.

It was great fun watching all the pleasure boats going by and the kiddies, along with some of their parents, feeding the ever-present gulls and even a few crows.

We laughed at a sign across the waterway that said "Leasing" - along with a phone number. We tried to write the phone # down, but couldn't see it clearly enough. What someone is trying to lease is a ramshackle building on stilts (everything's up off the ground in that area) whose walls are falling in. We'd noticed this toppling structure the last time we were there, and could hardly believe it was still standing.

I don't know if this was damage from Ike or not. (That area sustained major damage - really major - when Ike blew through just a little over a year ago. Took them months to rebuild the boardwalk.) I don't get over that way very often. As I said, it's purty doggoned far. Anyway, we thought - just for grins - that one of us would call the # on the sign and act like a prospective customer. You know? Just to see what the response might be. But, it didn't happen. Oh, well!

So, how was your day?


steven said...

sunday was a balance of schoolwork and housework. a little blogging, a little reading. but no lovely dinner out like some people i know!!! that sounds like a really great dinner goldenrod - maybe they'll deliver?!!! have a lovely monday. steven

Tammy said...

Sunday for us was all about church, homemade cookies, and a game of LIFE.

So glad you had a wonderful day with a friend, Goldenrod. :)

The Bug said...

We had another lazy weekend - undermotivated to do anything. It was fabulous!

We didn't play Life, but I bought some Life cereal, which is almost the same, right?

Arlene said...

Back in my HISD days an office mate offered to rent me her Kemah beach house for a weekend, sight unseen. I trusted that it was livable. After all, I would be seeing her at work on Monday and every day thereafter. I guess "livable" is in the eye of the beholder. It was unairconditioned and the steps were unsafe. We stayed an hour and turned around and came home again, wiser but poorer.

Goldenrod said...

Offered to 'rent you' her beach house for the weekend, un-airconditioned??? Most beaches along Galveston Bay - and indeed, in Galveston itself - are not airconditioned, it's been my experience, but these are not for rent. And with unsafe steps? Unheard of! Hope you got your money back!!

Goldenrod said...

I was just reading over my response to Arlene's comment and realize that I left out an entire word. I meant to say, "Most beach houses along Galveston Bay", not "Most beaches" ... ... ye gods!

The Bug said...

This is off topic, but I'm beside myself:

Now that I've spoken it however, the Braves will cool off... Shhh - don't say anything!

Goldenrod said...

I don't really blame you, Bug, for being super-excited about the Braves' chances to get into the playoffs as a wild card team. I hope you haven't jinxed them by commenting on my blog. :) I sure as heck jinxed my Astros in July!

However, their chances are very much dependent upon their continuing to win and the Rockies losing. Colorado is in charge of their own fate right now.

The race to watch - other than the one you're all pins and needles about - is the American League Central, where Detroit and Minnesota are duking it out. Only one game now separates those two teams - the Twins beat the Tigers earlier today - and only one of those teams will make it into the playoffs.