Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dibs and dabs

Just got back home from my dental appointment and running a couple of errands. Didn't stop by the "Central Market" - that's the name, not "Farmer's Market", as I incorrectly told you yesterday! - altho I did cruise up and down Richmond and Alabama for several blocks each direction trying to find it. (The reason I couldn't immediately locate it, of course, is that it isn't on either Richmond or Alabama. It's on Westheimer! LOL)

My mouth was watering for a junior-sized egg salad sandwich on rye from Nielsen's Delicatessen, a little dinky place just a couple of miles from my dentist's office. Hadn't been there in a few months. Last time I went, it was the same kind of situation - hadn't been there in a few months. However, when I came in the front door that time, the gal behind the counter asked, "Junior egg salad on rye, right? Add lettuce?"

Heavens to Betsy! She wasn't there today, but the young man who took my order acted like he knew me (He didn't. I've never seen him before!), but that's always the case every time I've been in there - just one big happy family. They do a humongous business ... huMONgous!

Parked in the shade for a few minutes on the way over to Kroger's to write out a check to Shell Oil for my gas purchases ... $40 and some change. It's really hard to believe now that I used to spend between $300-400 a MONTH for gas when I was driving a taxicab. Wow! Makes me tired just to think of working that hard or putting that many miles on the car!!

Dropped that payment off at a nearby post office and continued on my way over to Kroger's. I really wasn't anticipating that they would have my beloved grape salad - and sure enuf they didn't! - but intended to cruise by the deli counter, anyway, 'just in case'.

No, what I was looking for was large kleenex. Have I talked to you about this before? I don't remember when I first discovered this size, but it's been quite a few years now. Not all stores have it. It's the "Kleenex" brand. The box is approximately 11" long, 6" wide and 2" deep. On the pulloff tab portion at the top, it says "extra-large". Also, you'll find some writing in French that says, "Marque Mouchoirs" ... 60 3-ply white tissues/mouchoirs blancs 3 epaisseurs 11.0x10.9in/27.9x27.6cm. Just a great product, and it's spoiled me forever, I'm pretty sure!

Found it! Grabbed two boxes, another bunch of those luscious green seedless grapes and headed back on home.

Waiting in my computer was an e-mail updating me on Jennie's surgery. I'm going to share parts of it with you. It's one of those good news/bad news-type of bulletins, so be prepared.

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to provide you with an update on Jennie's surgery today.

She is successfully out of surgery, and is recovering in the Surgical ICU, which is standard procedure after this type of surgery. We were able to talk to her, and although she is groggy, she is doing well. We will check in with her again later today.

Her doctor expects her to take it easy for about a month.

The tumor was not benign as expected, but the surgeon feels confident that he was able to get all of it out, and the next step in the process will be radiation. He and her oncologist will work out the next part of her treatment.

We will let all of you know when she can receive visitors.

Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers!

There's not much left to say after that, is there? I'll hope, I'll pray and will continue to send as many positive thoughts as I'm able her direction. I thought some of you might be interested in reading portions of the e-mail I sent to her daughter, Jean, yesterday evening.

Thank you for taking the time to send a test e-mail, and God bless your mom – and you, for following through! – for even thinking of someone else at a time when she’s so scared. I know she’s scared. I’m scared, too, Jean, and have been – and will continue to be – sending as many positive thoughts and prayers as I possibly can her way throughout the coming days, but most especially tomorrow. I pray that God will guide her surgeon’s skillful hands in removing this latest unwelcome intrusion into her body.

Much love to all. Don’t forget to give your dad a special hug, Jean. Many men have not the vaguest idea how to show emotion, particularly at times like these.

I wish I were there, but I’d only be in the way, I think.

Dear Lord, please hear my most fervent prayer for my friend Jennie. Hold her tightly in your arms as she struggles with yet another cancerous invasion. I pray that her surgeon was correct when he said he thought he'd gotten it all. Keep her free from pain, safe from nightmares and give her the strength she needs to fight this evil marauder. Amen.


The Bug said...

Thanks for the update on Jenny - I'll keep her on my prayer list...

Glad you mentioned egg salad - I was planning on taking an egg salad sandwich to work tomorrow & I had totally forgotten!

Barry said...

I know all about good news/bad news, Goldenrod.

My prayers are with Jeannie.

steven said...

hi goldenrod, thanks for all of this - the details of your life. the grape salad update and for reminding me of the importance of gratitude for the health that i have and to wish the same for all others. steven

Craig Peihopa said...

Steven said evrything I am thinking Goldenrod. What a great post. Love and prayers to Jennie.