Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crossing things off one's list

Well, another got crossed off today. I finally called ARS and, after she stopped ROFLOL, the gal who answered asked, "When would you like us to come out?" They're scheduled for Thursday. (I have a dental appointment tomorrow.) Another person will come out from ARS, about in the same time frame, to inspect my AC and sign me up for another year of maintenance on both the AC and heating systems.

ANYhoo, those can now be crossed off my list!

(Btw, the gal I was speaking with said that it sounded as tho I would not need a whole new commode. She thought - from what I told her - that it only needed to be 'reseated' properly. Sure hope she's right!)

Bridge classes are resuming all over the city within the next month, and this morning I began calls and e-mail inquiries so I could write about them for the Examiner. As most of you know, my writing for this on-line 'rag' has been almost non-existent. You've heard my promises before, no doubt, about more frequent articles, so don't hold your breaths this time either, OK? (Put your articles where your mouth is, Goldenrod!)

Steven has asked, a couple of times, whatever happened to my grape salad addiction? Well, I answered him, but he must not have checked the little box next to "Email follow-up comments to ...".

Here's your answer, Steven. Evidently the Kroger's store (the only one in Houston I found to carry grape salad 'the way I liked it') somehow "lost" the young man who made it. (He probably went on to 'bigger and better things'.) They still carry it, but it's not very good ... certainly nowhere near worth the $7.99/lb price they put on it!

Now I could probably make it myself, but I would waste a goodly amount of some of the necessary ingredients (such as honey and I forget whatall else just now) just to try and make one batch. Tammy made it for her family and Kayla gave it a "10 thumbs up" :):) but then Kayla loves just about EVERYthing!

Tomorrow, after my dental appointment, I'm going to go over to (I want to say the "Farmer's Market", but that's not the name!) a specialized HEB store to see what they have. Hopefully, by then I can locate the recipe I sent to Tammy to make it! LOL

As far as major league baseball is concerned, the Baltimore Orioles (American League) and Washington Nationals (National League) are in the midst of a breathtaking sprint to see who can finish first in the race to be completely eliminated from the playoff picture, God bless their hearts! As of this writing, they're both two games away from their goal.

You know what I've thought about doing next year for 'our club'? I thought about keeping a record - from the very beginning, week to week - of what Aram Tolegian says. Have never done that. What do you think? I kind of like that idea!

That's it for now. Later!


steven said...

oh goldenrod, how remiss of me!!! mindless as i am i didn't even know i could do that!!! however, let's talk baseball. i was stunned - stunned goldenrod - to discover that there are inf act teams that are worse than the blue jays. wors? when you look up the word terrible in the dictionary there's a picture of the blue jays '09 roster right next to it. but there are worse so just in case there's anybody from those other cities reading this i'll not mention their names!!! way to chisel at the list goldenrod. i'm doing much the same myself today. steven

Goldenrod said...

Oh, Steven! I laughed out loud when I read your comment!!

What are you doing home in the middle of the day, anyway? Skipping school?!? No, you're busily crossing things off your list. Good on you!

Btw, your Jays 'creamed' the Rangers but good last night, thus helping the Red Sox inch even closer to that (coveted, especially this late in the season) wild card berth. Did they (the Red Sox) even bother to send your guys a thank you note?

Tammy said...

Ah yes...the grape salad! Kayla definitely loves it. Not sure if it's the salad itself or the fact that GOLDENROD loves it. ;)